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  1. My Boya M-1 came last week. Have yet to unbox/use it. Have yet to research splitters for it so another person can join me on screen (more recommendations welcome)! What's a good shotgun setup (w/o DSLR, need new equipment) for this…looking at the Rode VideoMic Studio Boom Kit w/ windmuff…is it a good one? Loving your videos, but need more equipment/videos out there made for use with iPhone 7s📱 Thanks!

  2. You re so great you really should be at 500K+ subs. Keep at it you'll get there. Maybe if you could release vids a little more frequently. Opinions on tech trends..etc. Laptop reviews, phone reviews, even app reviews.

  3. Justin Brown, you Sir are just that Guy! Another great video, you are definitely educating the masses. Be encouraged, stay well, and keep the videos coming. I can't wait to see you hit ONE MILLION Subscribers!

  4. Hey Justin, great tips, thanks man ! – Can I ask, what is the best mic to use for Facebook live videos when outside and it's windy ? I'm getting alot of wind noise on the built-in mic and I'm looing for options to reduce that. My guess would be the Boya BY-M1 ? Do you agree ??

  5. May I ask for your advice about right microphones which I would like to use to record my voice on computer and to be used in the bacground for making a 'video scribe ' like videos. Thanks in advance.

  6. Just amazing. I feel like you're producing this content just for me. Loved this video. I have the Rode Videomic Me. It's perfect for close up videos such as vlogs, and I like the nearby ambient sound. I don't like it so much beyond just a few feet, though the windsock helps a lot.

    However, I can't imagine using the Videomic Me with the iPhone 7 since it must attach to the iPhone via the 3.5mm jack and a rear clamp . In the case of the iPhone 7, does it just dangle from the phone?

  7. Hi Justin, thx for the video and recommendations.
    I bought a Videmic Go and intend to use it for FB live music broadcasts (Shooting and acoustic set of a band, 1 or 2 guitars and vocie). Been testing the set up with iPhone6+videomci Go+ SC7 cable+SC6 splitter. I KEEP having stuttering static noises all over the place, that happen randomly, on Wi-Fi 2.5ghz connections. I'm thinking of getting the Saramonic mixer+stick to avoid it, but wantwd to know if you think there could be a fix for my actual set-up, as I spent already some moeny on it. Help appreciated, thanks!

  8. Hey Justin, could you also please recommend the best lapel microphones for use by 2 persons ( say a joint presentation ) or any other suitable method.

  9. Hi Justin, wow, found you by accident and love how informative yet un-overwhelming your videos are..thanks! Can I ask you – I am starting out with videos and want to keep it simple. I want to make solo videos (like yourself) using iphone, but also have group webinars that I want to host (using my macbook). Can your Boya BY-M1 give decent sound for both? Thanks so much..Last week I bought a Blue Yeti and not sure how to mount it while making iphone videos..thinking of returning it and getting the Boya BY-M1 after watching this video..what do you think?

  10. I just purchased a Rode videomic me. If I have to turn on Airplane mode, will I still have wifi. I will be using Facebook live a great amount, and I will need my wifi. Thanks.

  11. So I realize I can turn on my wifi in airplane mode. It worked at first, but now I have static again. What am I doing wrong. I really need a mic for fb live and wanted this one to work. Thanks.

  12. Dear Justin, I have a Rode Videomic Me and I want to use it for Facebook Live. How can you be in flight mode if you want to go live on the internet? Just shut down your provider or…? And another question: do you have to change something in the audio settings of the phone to be able to use an external mic? Thx!

  13. Justin brown I'm you biggest fan and I wish your channel would be the best one.
    But bro I have a dought that which is the best microphone….
    I have iphone 5s amd i wanted to make videos like you…..

  14. Can I use a bluetooth audio receiver as a wear less audio recorder while filming a video on my smartphone?


  15. Justin Brown – Primal Video, Is the BOYA BY-M1 suitable for outdoor youtube video recording for busienss channel of a trainer demonstrating fast exercises, toga poses, etc.? Does it keep a good quality while moving and being outdoors with possible noises, etc.?

  16. so if the rode shotgun mic works best in flight mode, you can't Facebook live with it…am I missing something?

  17. Hello Justine please I need a video in the rode video micro on iPhone6 with tripod and other shoe to clip it how do I get the video

  18. i'm looking for a compact directional mic i can use with Facebook Live while using my phones 4G network.

    Rode's Video Mic Me and Video Micro has this issue with RF Interference.

    i have tried it myself and the RF Interference was really loud.

    the solution they recommend is to put the phone to airplane mode, but if i do that, i cannot use my phone's 4G network.

    I really hope you can help me choose a mic i can use because it's work related. thank you.

  19. Hi Justin are these mics working with the updated ios (10.3.2) I can't get them to recognize the mics anymore. Thanks!

  20. is the audio mixer able to work with ipad devices to judge and gauge audio input while recording as well? Or just phones?

  21. We need to get a microphone set up for two people. I was looking at reviews and some say these mics have a problem when on wifi/cell. But if we're doing FB Live, we will definitely have wifi/cell turned on. What do you think about this?

  22. Hi again, I'm still trying to decide on which mic option. I accept your recommendation for the Rode VideoMicro (it's in my Amazon.ca cart right now) but if there's a potential static issue on wifi/cellular that's a big concern because we are doing FB live broadcasts.
    I also wonder about it working with two people sitting side by side. Isn't a shotgun mic for pointing at one person?
    So then I think it would be better to get two lavalier microphones with a 2 into 1 connection. Finding that 2 into 1 connection in Canada (like through Amazon) is challenging.
    Our budget is tight so I don't really want to try out several options.
    What can you tell me?

  23. Great info. I've a question. Can I use USB mic with Facebook live on smartphones?
    It does work for audio or video recording

  24. Hey Justin, Thank you so much for this video. We’ve been Rockin’ Ultimate Survival Tips on Facebook Live every week but – after spending a lot and getting crappy results – I had not cracked the code of getting great sound. This is VIDEO was super helpful. Keep up the great work bro! -David

  25. Need help here, I bought the Rode videomicro, to use with an LG V20. The only thing is that I don’t think is working. I know the mic works with my iPhone, audio doesn’t change when I pug into the LG. Any idea?

  26. Hello… I have to cover a concert event live on Youtube on Mobile.. Mobile Mic is not good. Which Mic I should use for the Open Ground Concert event if I want to go live on Facebook or Youtube.
    Thanks in Advance.

  27. I love your videos and have learned a lot. I am confused though about the lavalier mic you recommend in this video. I just received mine and through all kind of video tests, I can not tell any difference on a video when I use the mic from when I only use the mic in my S8.

  28. I get a low signal level from rode videomic me on my android smartphone. Did you experience the same problem? Any advice? Thanks

  29. Hi Justin, Thanks for video i have a question is there any wireless mircophone for smart phone and DSLR. Which is going to save my life.

  30. I bought the Rode VideoMic for my iPhone 7 and it doesn’t work. I still get the iPhone mics picking up the sound and whatever I try, the ride won’t work. Do you have any suggestions pls?

  31. Thx for the review. So the question is, the facebook will use external mic if connected? Just because few apps does not use it even if it's connected. Thx

  32. Our church is just getting into Facebook Live. Would a Samsung S7 serve us well for the pastor to do a Q&A over Facebook? For what purpose are the streaming devices noted on the equipment pages? Finally, what would we need to record the session? Thank you for answering and we look forward to viewing more of your insightful videos!

  33. Hey Justin, awesome videos as always! Do you have and suggestion for microphone to use with the DJI osmo for facebook live ? Bluetooth microphones?

  34. I have the Boya mic but I can't get it to work with Facebook live. Is there a setting I need to change to tell the Pages app to use the external mic?

  35. Hi Justin, great content and very useful video. I've got a quick question for you. I need to record professional interview sound on the go. I think about using Rode Go, yet I'm not sure how to get 2 mics working with wireless setup. Could you help?

  36. Cool video:) I want to know IF with Boya can connect it immediately to the laptop and go live on Facebook. I plugged in immediately and on FB live don't see on the dropdown menu the Boya option…

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