Hi everyone ! Welcome in this new video, I hope you’re doing great ! Today one of my biggest dreams is happening and I can’t believe that is it happening We are going to pick Tobias Dimmler up he was nice enough to accept my project, massive thanks to him ! and I am so looking forward to show you what it is ! You’re not gonna believe it ! annnd this is the reason why I wear sunglasses… – “Nice to meet you !”
Oh you speak French ? Wonderful ! – “We’re gonna go, looks a bit cloudy tho” We’ll see, it’s improvisation, it’s good too currently we don’t really know where we are heading to because it’s a bit cloudy let’s check 2 or 3 spots and choose the best one and then let’s do it ! We are in Mürren ! It stands at around 1900 m We’re gonna look for a spot to take off I just have to prepare all the camera, it’s gonna take a little while but once we’re ready, we’re gonna do a test flight I never came to this part of Switzerland but it is extremely beautiful I am so looking forward to share that moment with you guys ! Are you ready ? Here’s our take off base, we’re gonna start very soon it’s really small and really steep… Someone is taking off now, let me show it to you From this angle because later I won’t be able to film it because I’ll be flying Let’s watch it Easy ! Easy. Our turn now ! First flight with the “Panoramaknife” kite ! In paragliding we say : “We go when it’s good” Let’s go ! That was the smoothest landing ever ! We’re just done with our test flight to see if we could try with the scooter I think it’s possible I can easly hold it with 2 hands, it’s just gonna be hard to film but we’re still gonna try this first flight was unbelievable so now, let’s scoot in the air ! This time I am really paragliding with my scooter ! it’s not a mini scooter, it is my real scooter let’s meet all the way to the top at the take off base all equiped, with the scoote He’s ready, I’m ready, now let’s fly ! – “And now let’s go” (in french) Thank you so much Tobi ! IT IS DONE ! I flew with my scooter, I even landed on it ! That was awesome ! Guys, if you ever have the opportunity to go paragliding, DO IT at least once ! It’s such an incredible feeling ! today we did 2 test flights before testing with the scooter the wind changed we had to sort out how to attach and hold the scooter and everything but in the end it worked out ! I rode in the mountains, in the air ! Incredible ! and now let’s go back home ! Thank you so much ! It was a pleasure ! best experience ever ! Thank you Tobi !
– “Alright ! Have a good one !” You too ! Have a safe trip back ! I hope you enjoyed this video Don’t forget to put a thumb up on the video and to share it if you enjoyed it ! to subscribe of course ! and I’ll see you next sunday for another amazing video ! I got a lot of project in mind and I can’t wait to show them to you ! Take care everyone !

42 thoughts on “FAIRE DES TRICKS EN VOLANT !

  1. Salut benji je voulais dire que c est un peu ridicule de essayer de tout faire avec ta trot je comprend que tu essayer de faire des choses nouvelle sur youtube

    A par ça t es un de mes idole

  2. super video comme d'ab est sa serai encore mieux si tu me réponds 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Après 12ans de ride sa fait plaisir de voir ce genre de bonne vidéo la trotte dans plusieurs domaines, bien jouer à toi Benjamin 👍

  4. J’adore la vidéo, je fait de la trot sur ma chaine , gros montage etc et je veut créer un communauté, deja 720 abo , venez me donnez des avis SVP ✅✅✅😉✅🙏🏽🔥

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