Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump Breaks Down Cinematic New Song “Church”

With albums, one song can really change
an entire album. So we were really struggling to find that one song to
properly contextualize the whole album and there was something about when we
finally got to “Church” was like awesome. It was a very stressful thing and we
didn’t know it was gonna be that song until it was done. Every so often Pete sends me like a
homework assignment like, “hey I want a song like this.” It’s always a movie
reference or something you know write it me a song like that feeling that
that you know ‘Ferris Bueller’ has when you know something something something.
You’re like cool so it would kind of started from something like that.
Pete’s lyrics and his taste really define Fall Out Boy because I’m always
making stuff up Joe is always making stuff up we’re always writing something
but it’s when Pete goes ah I like that. So first I’ll play you in my
original demo the verse was just wrong Yeah, so very rambling doesn’t really
know what it’s doing and I knew that when I did it I was like I don’t know if
this works. I sent Butch all this stuff. All of
my session here all these stems and one of the first things he does is he sends
everybody home he says I’m gonna I’m gonna sit here with headphones and work
on this for a while. He’ll sit there and go through everything and go like now
delete delete delete don’t need this don’t need this I’m gonna move this here
you know he really he really puts it all together that way. He had taken what we
did in the demo and went that’s good I want a more fun bassline and I want the
drums to do this. So the bass line was Really high up on the bass
right and right away which goes into this really fun. Yeah I feel like Butch’s
feel so much more fun when I was just throwing it together I threw up a drum
loop a famous drum loop and I cut it up I cut it up significantly in the
original loop you hear a “uhh” right it’s somewhere in there so I did a “uhh.” I had this kind of swing the whole time and and Butch wanted to do straight
against swing so the drums are so so this those tom’s straighten it out
and I don’t know I’m wrong sometimes. You can see I had a different groove
which is kind of cool but there’s something inherently not Fall Out Boy
about it. My wife said something that I’ll never forget
I played her a demo and she goes hey her way saying she didn’t like
it was “can you imagine Andy Hurley playing that. That really stuck with me because
you know we the four of us can play a lot it can play a lot of different
styles of music but there’s something to be said for for playing it and like
having a good time playing it and I can see Andy doing it and he would nail it
but I can just see him like you know doing it and not really loving it
whereas what he ended up playing. That kind of stuff. He always does these that
kind of those those big you know John Bonham kind of to kind of stuff and you
know versus, I can’t see him loving that where I can see him just you know loving
doing that so. It’s kind of there’s little funny things like in in in the
second verse I don’t know what he says there I don’t
know I think that’s Butch saying something we’re gonna bring a down to
the bottom of this find out what is being said there. Background vocals, let’s
here’s hoping it’s this. Oh it’s me, hey. and that’s definitely butch saying it,
Mr. Stump. We’re a very funny band because I’m very
analytical about it whereas Pete every word means something to feel something
right I’m not the guy that an emotionally attaches to words which i
think is so ironic being in Fall Out Boy like I know that’s pretty 90% of what people
like about us how is how emotionally attached to the lyrics they can
get. You play around a lot with production and different sounds and
things like that but at the end of the day there is a component of it that is
just four idiots in a room playing loud music.

100 thoughts on “Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump Breaks Down Cinematic New Song “Church”

  1. Pete telling Patrick what to do and what he wants?? Ha… Pete literally does fuck all. Ok yeah, he writes the lyrics… I’m sure he only writes them now and again. Wouldn’t surprise me if Patrick changed up the lyrics and wrote the majority of them himself so it would rhyme and fit his selected melody a lot better. Pete just parades around the stage strumming his bass (penis) likes he’s playing a guitar. Then screams into the microphone or pretends that he’s singing into the microphone when in reality he’s just mouthing the words.
    As you can tell, I love Pete Wentz. What a man!

  2. Can I just say I prefer Patrick’s verse a LOT more than the verse we got in the actual song. Seriously Patrick, give yourself some damn credit man

  3. I love fall out boy to death, but I can't be the only guy bothered by the lead singer not knowing his own song that well. Patrick is a beautiful cinnamon roll. But that kinda speaks for the album if your ask me.

  4. “For Pete, every word has a meaning, and I’m not as attached to the lyrics” hmm who would’ve thought, “we’re going down down gnmsidnhdh d”


  6. This is what a working musician looks like. Not a drugged out rockstar that a lot of people have in their head that famous musicians are

  7. In addition to being an amazing composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, I think he also has a warmer and more endearing persona than Pete

  8. This is so INTERESTING. I love that Pete is the one that puts things into perspective. It really shows that their process is a big collaboration.

  9. Why am I not surprised? Fall Out Boy lets their studio walk all over them and their songs. But I am also saddened because it sounds like what Fall Out Boy wrote originally is somehow worse than whatever the producers slapped together while they were gone!

  10. I have watched this video so many times that I already know Patrick’s movements and words.
    Is just such an amazing video.

  11. Are there any videos of Pete wentz recording bass anywhere ? I know Patrick stump is a musician but I never see any real fob studio updates . Please help me out.

  12. Let it be know that even tho it got cut for the final song, they still made good stuff and it wasn't good enough but to me it's still beautiful

  13. Can Pete and Patrick mentor me please 😭😭 also am I the only one who immediately had to figure out that he was saying “Mr. Stump” at that part when I heard the song??

  14. Hey Patrick, go back to actual rock roots and not pop please, some bands can do it but you guys can’t, please make what was good years ago 😔

  15. In save rock and roll, in miss missing you, at the end it has a snippet of someone telling another to get out of the booth

  16. I would hate to write like this, on demand, by committee, others dictating to you. That's everything that's wrong with most modern day music. This is so uninspiring. I just watched a video of Charlie Puth (I don't know how he is), explaining his writing process, much like this video, and although I didn't really like what I heard, I did appreciate very much him, on his own, writing HIS music, HIS song and not running it by people and getting their approval or suggestions, etc. Just him writing what HE likes, isn't that the whole point? It is for me.

  17. 5:20 “four idiots in a room playing loud music” Fall Out Boy in a sentence lmao

  18. Dude I don't know how he can listen to himself singing like that. I don't even like talking because bc I hate my voice man

  19. The first time I heard the song, I was like– wait, that's awesome how they say "Mr. Stump?"!

    And I just realised Patrick didn't even know.

  20. "We play around a lot with production and different sounds and things like that but at the end of the day, there is a component of it that is just four idiots in a room playing loud music." 

    That to me is the essence of Fall Out Boy and has been since the very beginning. Regardless if you started listening to them 15 seconds or 15 years ago. Fall Out Boy, to me has always been these four dorks playing the soundtrack of my life. 

    (yes, i'm that person who's been listening to them for almost 15 years hahaha!)

  21. “4 idiots in a room playing loud music” Well they are the smartest and most adorable idiots I’ve ever heard of…
    JK, Love Fall Out Boy, (even if they are short)

  22. 00’s FOB is so much better ❤️❤️❤️

    The reasons why Fall Out Boy is Hated:
    Fall out Boy is Hate cause cause Most of their songs are poppy in regards to their type of music and it almost seems like nearly every single song on a FOB album except for SRAR and Folie a Deux was meant to be a single,Too mainstream,Change in sound from Album to Album,They’re a Pop Act disguised as a Rock Band,They’re not Talented,They fully went over to the pop side and never came back.

    So that’s why Fall Out Boy is Hated

    And BTW I still love FOB even though they’re Hated ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Definitely I think that Patrick should make a colab with NYANGO, the Japanese cat 🐈drummer 🥁… They would make a handsome piece of music 🎶. I love you so much Patrick ❤️🎶🐈!!!!!.

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