4 thoughts on “#fame cricket -​​ Indian Cricket Team : A New Age Limited Over Side

  1. india is still having a litlle problem with the one of the openers and the first down. One innings cant define that the person has an ability to play  entire year and one series cant define that a batsmen should be changed or rested its all about time. Australia and New Zealand are the venues for the world cup next year and indias last year performance in new zealand was not so great even though it was almost the same team which is touring england now. I think the series with australia would give us a clear idea  what the team might look like in the world cup.

  2. Harsha, i have great respect for you and followed your work for 18 years now, and i must add with a lot of pleasure and reverence. Unfortunately now i feel that your comments are becoming predictable.

    Maybe time to shake things up a little bit. It appears that you are not enjoying yourself as much anymore which im sure comes with the kind of success you've had. Something like what Shahrukh once said about his stardom " the biggest issue with stardom is that you lose the ability to surprise the audience".

    You are so special Harsha, do something and bring your charm back. You are a super successful individual, but i was not following your success, but your commentary and i miss that now.

  3. We should not forget that we lost in south africa and new zealand we also lost when pakistan came to india.i think if we don't get a good start than we are in trouble.4 down and it looks like no one is there .

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