10 thoughts on “#fame cricket -​​ Sachin Tendulkar – Man Who Became the God Of Cricket

  1. Can anyone define "God"? According to my knowledge, God is most merciful and perfect and there is none other than God. If Sachin is a God, than why didn't he scored 200 runs in every innings that he played? If Sachin is a God, why did he ever got out? If Sachin is a God, why did he ever got hit by bouncers LMAO> Who can ever go beyond GOD. Sachin scored 200 runs in a single ODI, but Rohit Sharma Broke his record by hitting 225+ runs in a single ODI. Would that means, Rohit is the God of Sachin??? hahah. Most importantly, why didn't India win every match if he was the part of the team, after all he is a God??

  2. Sachin has always played for his own reasons. Not only he is selfish, he is a cheat, cunning and  much more than a FOX and a fit for nothing politician.

    He used the indian cricket to gather his milestones. 

    If sachin is on 90 and team needs 30 runs  in 5 overs everyone knows sachin will play only for singles and never take risk to go for a six or four.

    The other secret is Sachin will always tell the non striker to take risks ,the non striker scores remaining runs faster and win the match, but the man of the match goes to sachin where he never took risk when he was at 90.

    That shows that his first priority is 100 and then think about team.

    Sachin knows very well that over the time after about 50 yrs from now people will just look at who scored more centuries and more runs. Sachin is such a calculative bastard.

    Out of 600 + matches he has scored 100 centuries,, most if it was helped won by,Rahul dravid, ganguly, Kumble, zahir khan,ashwin,etc etc. and sachin gets man of the match.

    Sachin is the only batsman who got a farewell , rahul dravid also deserved it, but never got support from so called dumb fans.

    Sachin is the only batsman to be boooed in his own home ground. 

    Sachin played first before Lara but,,,,,,,,,,, Lara broke Alan border's records first and lara was the fastest to complete 5000 runs in ODI compared to sachin.

    Lara has played very less 131 test but has 2 test innings is rated in the top 10 of all time , sachin cannot manage even 1 innings. But he played for 200 tests.

    Sachin's greedyness has paved way for his pathetic downfall in the last 3 years of his career.

    It was when sachin was there we lost to england after 28 yrs.
    Sachin had so many chance to score his 100th 100 against, England, Austraila, Westindies,Newzeland… But he proved to the world that he can only score that 100 against Bangladesh and we lost that match WHAT A SHAME…….

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