Family Guy Lois Plays Bowling Ball With Peter Friends

the game take it easy I’m not gonna take
it easy these guys going down you’re going down in front of all these
people all right Louis it’s all up to you we only need six to beat the bane
heads and it before if someone could have hit that 710 split
right Jojo Jojo what’s this what is it says right here we won we want you dick
you suck um excuse me would you mind keeping it down we’re having my son’s
birthday party over here yeah sure here’s your honey what’s his
name Mikey happy birthday Mikey well this is great
so when you guys aren’t celebrating a big bowling victory what do you normally
do here uh well sometimes we compare women talk about who we’d rather have
sex with oh that sounds fun how do you play well it’s like um okay who would
you rather do Kristen Stewart or Scarlett Johansson oh definitely
Scarlett Johansson for one thing that’s the boobs which Kristen Stewart does not
have also I get the sense that Kristen Stewart is more of a bath person when
she really needs a shower she does seem kind of dirty yeah someone should write
wash me in the dust on that flat ass ha ha
move over funny man Richard Lewis we got Richard Louis well here we are
oh great hey maybe on the ride home someone else can tell a story so what
exactly is your plan here I’ve got it all figured out Brian this tool will
take us deep into the factory and when the time is right we’ll slip away and
find Rupert does anyone have any questions so far
who’s that up there oh that’s our gunman every once in a while one of our toys
becomes real and we have to make sure it doesn’t get out fine look that must be
where Rupert is hmm Rupert my god you’re all right oh you missed so much I had to
deliver a speech to Britain and I overcame my stutter through some pretty
kooky means Brian don’t say anything uh Stewie oh crap this is not the way out
this is not the way out hey chorus get that Wiener out of your
hand and give us three more PS over here I’ll Louis you’re always giving me the
business hey I meant to tell you guys we shot some drug dealer this morning
and he had three Red Sox tickets in his pocket that’s awesome
oh this will be so fun you know if we leave right now we can probably still
get there before the first pitch hey you guys oh hey Peter how’s it going Peter
it’s so good to see you up and around everyone I’m feeling shipshape if the
ship is the SS Minnow doctor said I’d be making bland jokes for about a week then
I’d be good as new that’s good to hear well we were just on
our way up to Fenway oh you got tickets that’s sweet you know
there’s no better outing than watching nine innings I’m sorry I’ll perk up at
the game oh well actually we only have three tickets and we’re going with Lois
with Lois oh yeah we’ve actually been having a great time with her and she’s
quite a bore – is that all right Peter do you mind if I go to the game with the
guys yeah no that’s that’s fine I mean yeah you only got three tickets ma’am
that’s cool have fun okay we’ll see you later hmm hey Horace won’t you take that
Wiener out of your hand and give me a beer
don’t talk to me that way you son of a bitch

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