– [Mum] I can hear him. I can hear him. What are you doing out there? – Mum, no you haven’t found me. – [Mum] Oh, my God. – Mum, you haven’t just found me. – [Mum] I have. – Oh, my God. What the hell? – [Mum] I heard you. If
you hadn’t of talked. – Oh, no. – [Mum] If you hadn’t have been talking. (beep) – So you guys know it
wouldn’t be a Morgz video if it didn’t start with a prank. The other day I pranked
Mum with one megaphone. Today I’m going to be
pranking her with two, baby. Team Morgz, let’s do this. I didn’t really think through
how I was gonna carry these. Guys, I’m struggling. Good morning! Good morning, Mum. How is your morning going? – Jesus, Morgan. – What the…what the hell? – Why are you so loud? – Since when have you had a megaphone? I thought it was just me who had two. – No, I’ve got one. – What the hell? (beep) Probably one of the weirdest
starts to the vlog ever. But anyway, hello to you
Morgz and welcome back to another video. Firstly, how is your day going? Are you feeling good? Are
you feeling active and ready? Hey, I just woke up from a two hour nap so I’m feeling active and ready, boy! One one person that is definitely
feeling active and ready is Click Bear, who is actually
repping the red MH hoodie. Have you actually ever
seen a more attractive bear in your life? He’s actually got the hood up. Yo, he’s chilling on the bean bag. He’s got the MH. That right there is the
definition of a swanky bear. Link in the description.
Go get your own merch. Anyway, chill time’s over.
Go and get some work done. Come on. Work time. Chill
time comes after work time. Cheers, buddy. Hey guys, if you’re new here, remember to go down there and
smash that subscribe button to join Team Morgz. Join the family, join the
squadron, join the squad. Join the team, join the
nation, join the league. Join the…blaugh. (sighs heavily) And also guys if you’re not already, go subscribe to Mum’s channel. Yes, hold on a minute, hold
on a minute, hold on a minute. Hold on a minute, hold on a minute. (beep) Mum, I was just telling
them about your channel. – What channel? My new
YouTube channel, do you mean? – Yes, your new YouTube channel. Which, where can they find the link to it? – In the description. – Right at the top,
guys. Mum has a channel! (cheering) Jesus Christ. Yo, yo danger’s her middle name, geez. Did you see that? – Oh, my God.
– What, Mum? – I’m shocked. – You own 14,000 already. Yo, but by the time this goes live you could be on more,
Mum, you could be on more. – I could be. I could be. – [Morgz] This ain’t even a joke. The most frequently asked
question I get asked is when is this woman here
getting a YouTube channel? – [Mum] I got one. – She’s got one, baby. Go sub the link in the
freaking description. (beep) – Okay, so I’ve just realised
I never actually told you where we’re going right now. Basically, you may remember
in a video a few days ago we went to a house which we
were kinda looking at buying. Not that exact one, but we
were just kinda looking at the stuff we can afford and stuff. Today we’re going to one which
is really, really similar. However a little bit
different to have a look. But what we’re going to do is: hide and seek. – No. – [Morgz] Hide and seek. – Oh, my God. – Guys, we’re playing hide
and seek in this mansion. I don’t know how much it’s
worth. It’s worth a lot. But yeah, this is a huge
house. Much bigger than ours. Much bigger than anything
we’ve played in before. And we’re going to play a
cheeky game of hide and seek. And Mum, you’re going down. – Okay. – Oh, I was expecting a fight, but… (beep) – Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
we’ve arrived at the house. As you can see, this is freaking massive. It’s kinda similar to the
one the one yesterday, but it’s like a different colour and that. Mum, are you excited? – Yeah, a little bit. – Yeah, what we’re going to do: We’re gonna have a quick scan round, and then we’re gonna get
this hide and seek started. Okay, we’re in, we’re in. Yo, this is pretty neat,
eh? This is pretty neat. Quick scan round, guys.
This is the first room. We got the window there, relaxed room. Through here, we’ll look
up there in a minute. Bloody mirrors bloody everywhere. Oh, that’s trippy. Geez, this is huge! Yo, we got the kitchen,
then we got the table, then the lounge, and then through here, including doors everywhere,
utility, toilet. And is this the garage, Mummy? And then this here is the garage. So can you, can we, are we
allowed to hide in here? Yeah, we are. We’re
allowed to hide in here. So that’s the garage. Shut the door. Wait, are we watching a
Morgz Bob Waltz video, because there’s freaking
LED strips under there. LED’s bloody everywhere. Wait, don’t tell me you
actually get that reference. – I don’t get the reference,
but I know what you mean. – What? – [Morgz] By the way,
Mum, outside is allowed. You can hide outside if you want. However you will be getting your feet wet. So I don’t know if I’m
going to go out there. Oh, guys, change of plan. Outside is not allowed,
’cause it’s all locked. Mum, wait wait wait, so
we got one room here. What the bloody hell is this? Okay, that’s the utility. Mum is trying to push me in,
but I’m just that strong. So she can come and get me for real. Quick scan upstairs.
Sabra easies, very nice. (breathing heavily) Okay, we got bloody rooms everywhere. First one here, that room. Then we got this room. Over here, bathroom. Another room. There’s just
bloody rooms everywhere. Another room here. Jesus. Crikey. Another one here, and another one here. I don’t know, and another
mini-toilet there. Guys, that’s the quick tour. We’re gonna get hide and seek started now. Mum, would you rather hide
first than seek first? – Yes. Hide. – [Morgz] Okay, I would too. So we gotta do rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors. Oh, my God! She beat me. (screaming) You can hide first, okay. So where would you prefer me? Actually, you know what? I’ll hide in one of these
random little room things, okay? Twenty seconds. Time starts now. Oh, God. I just realised
no one can see me. I’m gonna open the door a
little bit. There we go. Yo, we’re on like 15
seconds, 14, 13, 12, 11… Ten, nine, eight, seven,
six, five, four, three… Screw the three count,
I’m coming out right now. We’re gonna scan upstairs
first, boys and girls. I’m just gonna scan through
these rooms real quick. (screaming and laughing) – No, no, no. Oh, God that was so easy. Sorry. (laughing) Beginner’s luck. I just saw you put your
hand around and gasped. – One nil to Morgz. Mum,
you can hide in here. You can count in here. – Yeah, that’s it, yeah. One, two, three. Listen, listen, listen.
He’s going downstairs. Is it? I can’t hear him. Right, let’s go. I bet he’s in the shower or wardrobe. No. My God, this house is absolutely gorgeous. Well, you’d be lucky to
live in a house like this. I don’t even know where I’ve been. Oh, God, where have I
been? I’m so confused. I’m so confused where I’ve been. I’m just looking all over. Have I been in here?
Oh, my God, what’s this? This door was closed. Oh, my God. I want this house. I want this house! I don’t think he’s hid this downstairs. He has to have gone downstairs. Oh, it’s even got a dress for me. I feel like I’m home. Oh,
it’s even got cupboards open. I can’t even see him anywhere.
I bet he’s gone and left me. Oh, my God. Where’s he gone? Oh, (screams) he’s there! All these rooms and cupboards
and he’s inside a little. (laughing) – Oh, my God, I actually
saw you about five times. I knew this would, oh! I thought this would be a good
spot because I just think… – [Mum] I looked right over there. – I know, yeah. – [Mum] I just love this house. – Yo, this house is mental, guys. But that means it’s
still, it’s one one now. Are you hiding? Right! 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23… 15, 14, one, zero! Yo, guys, leave a like if
you see what I did there. But Mum didn’t. Okay, she definitely went this way. I left ’em open. Oh, random. Oh, wait wait wait wait wait. Oh, yo. Next place I’m
going is definitely there. That is a good freaking spot. Wait, I think I forgot something. This room is very, very inviting. Wait, is she behind there? Oh, no she’s not. It smells nice in there. It
smells like garlic bread. Oh, wait, hold up. Quick
hair fix in the mirror. There we are. Looking fleeky, looking
fleeky, looking fleeky. (laughing) Mum, you may as well give up. I know you’re up there. Come out, Mum. I’m
definitely gonna find you. I think she’ll have
tried to like be sneaky and gone in here, you know. Maybe not. Maybe this one instead, maybe. Nope. Yo, Mum. She’s doing alright. I didn’t even know this was here. Oh, she’s got to be in here, surely. No, I don’t even know. Oh, these wardrobe are so inviting. Jesus, yo, you could fit
like four people in there. Let me look. (grunts) No one down there. Maybe in here? Oh, no. Wait, she’s down there, isn’t she? Oh, okay, maybe not. If she is, then I’ve just squished her. (laughing) – Had you been in here already? – [Morgz] Yeah. – I knew you had, I heard you. – [Morgz] No, I hadn’t
been in there, actually. For the last time. Do you know what, Mum? We’re gonna have to switch
the game round a bit. First one to actually give up loses. You’re gonna have to count first. Can you hide in this closet for me? – [Mum] God, it’s a boiler. – [Morgz] Oh, you really. – 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24… 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11… Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
five, four, three, two, one. Let’s go. We’re coming!
We’re coming? Who’s we? Did he go down here,
’cause the door’s open. I feel like this is like. Oh,
my God, the sound is like… Upstairs, I know he’s
upstairs, I heard him. Where are you? Do you think anybody’d notice
if I just got into bed? No, we looked in here already. I’m going to all the same places. There’s a little wardrobe. Oh, bless, it’s got little shoes in it. Little dresses. Nope. There’s no place like home. Of course. Apart from holidays. Not in there. Quick look at this one. No. Look in the bathroom. Very clean. Little tuck in that wardrobe,
so. Nope, not in there. Could he be here? The window? I can hear him. I can hear him! What are you doing out there? – Mum, no. You haven’t found me. – [Mom] Oh, my God! – Mom, you haven’t just found me. – [Mom] I have. – Oh, my God. What the hell? – [Mum] I heard you. If
you hadn’t have talked. – Oh, no. – [Mum] If you hadn’t have been talking. – Oh, my God.
– Oh, my God, Morgan. – Wow. – [Mum] I hope your feet aren’t wet. – They are, a little bit. – [Mum] You getter take your socks off. – I will do. – [Mum] Good boy. Morgan, you know then, the
only reason I found you? – ‘Cause I was bloody talking. – [Mum] ‘Cause you were talking. That’s like a rooftop. – Alright, Mum, I’m counting. 19, oh, no wait. 27, 26,
25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20… 19, bloody hell. I’m sweating.
I’m not gonna lie, guys. I’m a bit of a sweaty monster you know. Nine, eight, seven, six. Screw the rest of the freaking counting. Screw the rest of the count. Where else we going? She ain’t in there. She ain’t in there. She ain’t in there. She ain’t in there. I’m so confident, I don’t
need to double-check. I’m going downstairs.
She’s obviously downstairs. Is she in here? She ain’t in here? Is she through here in this
freaking ginormous room? Of course she isn’t. I’m running out of rooms
where she actually could be. Garage? Oh, sugar. Oh
sugar, oh sugar, oh sugar. Oh no. Let me scan every
inch of this downstairs. She is not outside, guys. I’m gonna have to scan every inch. She ain’t where I was. She ain’t in there definitely. She definitely isn’t under around here. She definitely isn’t. Is she up there? No. Yo, for real. I genuinely
think I might have to give up. I can’t find her anywhere. She ain’t even in that spot
that I was gonna go in. I’ll scan upstairs again, I guess. If I can’t find her up here,
then I’m gonna have to give up. Because genuinely I’ve just
searched the entire downstairs. Um, (sighs). For God’s sake, Mum. Oh, God. She ain’t even in the wardrobes. She aint even in here, is she? Oh, for God’s sake, guys.
This is over, isn’t it? (whimpering) Final, our last gasp of hope. Oh, for God’s sake. Yo, Mum. (sighs) I give up. I give up, Mum. I give up! I give up! What the? No, no no no no no no no no no. – [Mum] I’m the winner. – [Morgz] No. – [Mum] I won. – How many times did I look in here? – You didn’t look behind
the door, darling. ‘Cause I could have just
opened it like that. How do you like being a loser, eh? – Guys, I’ll come back to you in the car? I’m not happy about this one bit. (beep) Yo, guys, so I’m still
feeling pretty unhappy. A little bit angry, but
we have just stopped at the McDonald, and I’ve got
myself a nice cheeky Coke. Yes, we went to McDonald’s
and just got drinks. Who does that? I’ll tell you who: Morgz. And Morgz’ Mum, but yeah. – Strawberry lemonade. Very nice. – Lemonade and a Diet Coke. – No, strawberry lemonade. – Sorry. You’re a bit hard, aren’t you? We’re on the way home
right now. Let’s get it. (beep) Okay, guys, it’s that time again. I’ve just put out a new
video ten minutes ago. I’m gonna go down to
Mum with the megaphone. If she’s watching it, I won’t use it. But if she isn’t watching it, then she is gonna get a
freaking megaphone to the face. Here’s the big moment, guys. – Watch your own, Morgz. What do you want? I heard you, I heard it. – I don’t care if you heard it or not. Where the hell is my video? – What video? – I just posted, rah. – I haven’t looked at it. – What the flip? What the hell, Mum? What the hell? Why did you just remove
it from your liked videos? – I didn’t. – [Morgz] What the hell
are you doing, woman? Why didn’t you like? Who
do you like? What the hell? (beep) Right, guys, Dad has just arrived. Basically I’m going
out for food right now. I don’t know where we’re going. But he’s just arrived. He’s downstairs. So how about we go and say hi to him. In typical Morgz fashion. Hi, Dad! – Jesus Christ Almighty. Are you kidding? – [Morgz] How’s it going, bro? You’ll show Dad where we’re
going after tea, then? – Seriously, can you just… – [Morgz] Don’t tell me to stop. Rah! Where are we going out, Dad? – We’re going to the Dormor Inn. – Dad one more thing just before we go. (sirens wail) Right then, see you, Mum. See you, little Bruno. He’s
looking very cute today. Oh, look at his little rolls. He’s got almost as much as Mum. – They always think it
of Mo. Leave Mum alone. – [Morgz] He don’t seem
very interested, does he? He don’t like the camera in his face. I’m off, goodbye. Bye, Mum. (beep) Yo, so Dad. Where are we, mate? – Piccolinos in Sheffield town centre. (mumbling) – [Morgz] Give some enthusiasm! Shout it! – Piccolinos in Sheffield city centre. (mumbling) – [Morgz] We just got a garlic bread. How nice does that look? Oh, he’s tucked in already. Give it a rating out of seven. – Out of seven?
– Yes. – Six and a half. – There you go. Dad, what the bloody hell is
that geezer doing on there? Who is he? What’s his name? – Fred. – [Morgz] Fred? – Yeah. – [Morgz] Eat him. Eat him. – What? Eat that? – [Morgz] Oh, yeah. – Morgan, he’s looking at me. – [Morgz] They killed him,
just to put him on there. They’ve killed him for
you. You’ve got to eat him. They’ve killed him for you. – Who’s they? The fishermen? – [Morgz] Yeah. – The fishermen? – [Morgz] Yeah. Eat him. – Where do you think salmon comes from? – [Morgz] Uh, the shop. – What did they do to the salmon? What, did the salmon do? Just surrender? – [Morgz] Yeah. (laughing) So the bill’s there, Dad. The question is: do you
want to play card roulette? – Uh, yeah. – Shame I forgot my card then, isn’t it? – Well, what a major surprise. (laughing) – Major surprise.
– Major surprise. – Oy, shut up. I paid for the last one. And you know I did. – Yeah, I think it were a Burger King. I think it was a 1.99
deal what you got me. – Shut up, it were Miller.
It was like 90 quid. – No, that was ages ago.
That was for Father’s Day. – [Morgz] Shut up. (beep) Right guys, I’m back home right now. Yo, I ain’t even joking.
That meal was pretty good. But I’m actually quite tired right now. It’s still really light
outside, which is cool. But yeah, I really hope
you’ve enjoyed this video. If you’re new, remember to go down there and smash that subscribe button. And also subscribe to Mum. Her link will be in
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