43 thoughts on “Family of AA baseball player murdered in Virginia

  1. Wow its true …a white guy can get a free pass with the cops , if that was a black man he would be hanging from a tree !
    Even the dog didn't go after him !

  2. Man forget gender identity tomorrow I'm waking up white. You can kill then choke someone in front of the police then play a game of tag with the police and not get shot. The rest of you black people better start identifying as white then maybe we can do things like go to stores, drive, walk or even jog without being shot. Oh wait I think our skin will give us away, back to the drawing board.

  3. Waita minute🤔 this guy…
    -Suspected of murdering 3 of his relatives including his own mother
    -Naked(Indecent Exposure) and is chasing a cop (imposing himself as a threat to an officer) that has an AR-15
    -Chokes a 90year old Nam vet, No Rodney King beatin(and he was on drugs) and tha K-9 was told not to take a chunk out his ahh🤨

  4. Man suspected of killing 3 people gives chase, then turns the table by charging at you while you hold an AR-15. This is not calculus man. Took a concentrated effort to come up with the wrong answer.

  5. RACISM often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity…. If this was a black man cops would kill him 200 bullets in seconds

  6. So this white male suspected of killing 3 people, gets to go for a brisk jog afterwards, chokes an old man, chase after an armed police officer and a gun was not even drawn on him at anytime. Yet there are videos of a black man running from an officer and being shot in the back, or one being shot because his phone was mistaken for a weapon while running from officers. If anyone is blind and dumb not see and notice the way law enforcement handles minorities versus how they handle these fragile white males, then you need to be the next target by one of these white terrorist so that you can receive a clear wake up call to show u just how screwed up they are and how screwed up law enforcement is in protecting them.

  7. If he was BLACK the cops would have shot him FOR SURE. Lmao, I mean I know this ain't about race. But I feel like a black guy doing the same wouldn't have been allowed to live.

  8. By these comments, it seems most would agree that Black people should retaliate against these race soldiers, who would have gunned our naked Black asses down.

  9. Wtf when he started choking the church man I started Ctfu!! 🤣 But how was he not tased or shot? Like wtf if he was black I know for sure he would of been hurt badly or dead.

  10. Ok so, we all wondering why he wasn't shot.
    But i wanna know why he snapped and killed his mother,sister, and sister's baby.

    he is 19, his family attended church regularly matthew bernard (the naked crazy dude) would make bible studies according to someone who knew him.
    Now my hypothesis: Matthew Bernard is not a bad looking kid perhaps that priest he tried to choke was molesting him all throughout his childhood, he probably attempted to tell his mother and his sister but being the religious family they were, they did nothing, and probably didn't believe him. Matthew Bernard snapped killing all three of them and went on to try to choke the priest who was the pedophile or one of the pedophiles.

    Then there is the fact that he went around naked… maybe a psychologist should get involved and assess why a killer would go around naked (In my unprofessional opinion it probably has something to do with him feeling disgusted with his skin because of all the sexual abuse)

    If you ask me they should look at the priest.

    Anyway, i don't know if i'm right or wrong… but yes, he didn't get shot, and black people have gotten shot for less, he snapped and killed so he is definitely guilty of that.
    But still i think there is more to this story… one does not just snap out of nowhere…

  11. So this murderer killed 3 people and gets arrested alive 🤦🏾‍♂️ but if you sell cigarettes on the corner, you get choked to death (Eric Garner)

  12. I don't understand this place, I'm so heart broken with all of the horrid shit people do to one an other…. I don't think I'll ever understand what the fuck is going on, shit is just so destructive, awful and tragic no matter the color, shit is fucking disgusting and the amount of UNJUSTIFIED VOILANCE is unFucking believable! 😞😔

  13. Why is it cops are never afraid of CONFIRMED KILLERS here is a person you know to have just killed multiple people moments ago yet your lethal weapon is pointed nowhere near him?

  14. Was that cop afraid he would come in contact with the guy's penis?  What a punk ass, running for his life from an unarmed naked killer.

  15. I cannot believe the comments. Just as Prince said "Man aint happy truly unless a man truly dies". I think in a civilized society we would catch a person and go through the due process before deciding to kill him but apparently we are not civilized. We have created a culture of death and then we wonder why shit like this happens. Just read your own comments.

  16. If this was a BLACK MAN HE WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD IN SECONDS, THERE IS A GOD, keep watching GOD IS gonna show up and blow every unexpected, unbelieving persons mind!. ❤️

  17. You guys Stop saying oh he’s not black. No stfu grow tf up and stop assuming shit. First of all he was naked and clearly he was not armed so you can’t really shoot him in this situation. And if it was a black man that was naked and was not armed they would’ve done the same thing. Everyone acting like white peoples don’t get shot by the police but guess you black fuckers we do so I don’t wanna hear y’all saying oh well no not oh well that’s just the facts

  18. I don’t give a damn what color they are, if they come at the police, shoot the shit out of em so they don’t hurt nobody else… if they ain’t a threat, just take em to jail

  19. All I see in these comments is if he was black. Making comments on YouTube videos isn't going to change anything you care about and white guys gets shot by cops too. There are videos. One 40 year old man has to be taken care of by his sister for the rest of his life after being shot in the head because he had a towel wrapped around his hand to wipe sweat off his head while on a walk. He was shot from a distance that wasn't threatening to officers. Cops are the problem and they don't just do it to colors. You never know maybe they do it because they read these comments and get sick of it so they take it out on people of color. Bitching usually don't solve a thing.

  20. What in the world is this 💩
    Why did the cop 👮‍♀️ use only a pepper spray & yet has a gun in his hand being chased by a demonic naked phyco 😐
    If that was a black man that did the crime, that cop 👮‍♂️ would have shot him dead 💀 crazy ass whites people are loosing their minds by the thousands.
    The jig is up & they know it. TMH is coming to collect 👈🏾

  21. Wow! When you're white the cops let you streak and they play tag with you? Sure he got a whopper after this too. This guy is cashing in his white priveldge the right way. Hmmm….must be nice. But I guess it's cause he's not armed funny cause black people aren't usually armed with anything but pigment and cigarettes or loud music or a toy gun. But be white and kill people…..its ok because your really harmless.

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