Farm Animals For Kids | Number Farm Hide and Seek 1 | Toddler Fun Learning

The animals are playing hide and seek down
at Number Farm today! What’s that? Behind the hay bales? A swishy tail. Small horns. And a sound that goes moo! It’s a Cow! Yuck! Who loves rolling in squishy slimy mud? This animal does! All we can see is a pink, curly tail. Look! The mud is sliding off. Oh hello! It’s a pink pig! There’s something under the water in the
pond. Look! There! Swimming behind that weed. It’s shiny…scaly….. and has a fin! It’s a fish! I can see a nose. Look, it’s twitching! And there’s two big pointy, fluffy ears. Come on out of your hole! It’s a Rabbit! There’s something pecking at that grain. Peck Peck Peck Peck
And what noise is it making? Cluck Cluck Cluck Cluck It’s a Chicken! This animal has beautiful brown fur and very
strong Antlers on it’s head. What sort of animal do they belong to I wonder? It’s a deer! This animal is very fluffy with lovely warm
wool. It’s not a sheep. No no, it has a longer neck than that. It’s an Alpaca! What’s this animal trotting so quickly? Wow, farmer George is even riding on it’s
back! Can you see it’s furry mane? It’s a horse! Is that a snake behind the bush? No, it can’t be. Snakes are scaly, not furry! And listen. Can you hear that purring sound? It’s the Orange Cat! We’re under the water again. There’s something floating above us on the
surface. Look at its webbed feet paddling way. Let’s go up and take a look. It’s a Duck! What fun we’ve had playing hide and seek
today! There’s loads more videos to watch ad-free
on our Toddler Fun Learning app. Just tap the bear to download it. We’ll see you again soon down at Number
Farm. Bye!

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