Fast Bowling – Lower Back Pain Tips with The Cricket Physio

– Thanks for your time today, Nitin. – You’re welcome. – I’ve been dying to ask you
about a lot of back pain. So, I get a lot of enquiries from bowlers, wanting me to analyze their action, because they’ve got a little bit of pain, so, obviously I do a bit of video analysis and have a look at the biomechanics of the bowling action but, sometimes, there’s other things at play. Where’s a good starting point, in regards to if someone
has got lower back pain? – Sure, so Ben, this is a topic that’s quite close to my heart. My fast bowling career was cut short, essentially through stress
fractures and disk bulges. ‘Cause the information
that I’m gonna share with you, today, wasn’t told
to me before I was a physio. So, hopefully, we can
save a few people’s backs with the content of today’s video. So, I think let’s run through a little checklist today, basically to see whether some of the young fast bowlers watching this video,
whether they’re at risk of stress fractures or stress reactions. So, are you a young fast bowler? So young being anything under 25. Do you have a sharp back
pain when you go to bowl? Do you have a dull,
sort of, ache stiffness in the back throughout the whole game? And is your pain on the opposite side of your body to your bowling arm? So, if you’re a right arm fast bowler, is your pain on the
left side of your body? If you’ve answered yes to
any of these questions, I want you to do this little test. So, Ben, if I get you
to demonstrate for me, if you stand up for a moment, if you just turn your
back towards the camera, so, you’re a right arm fast bowler, right? – [Ben] Well, wannabe, once upon a time. – That’s right.
– [Ben] Medium slow. – Lets say, for instance, you were a right arm express bowler, I want you to do an arch back for me, arch back as far as you
can and then bend your body to the left side, now Ben, if that reproduces some
left side back pain on you, then we have a little bit of a worry and we need to go into things in a little more detaIl with you, okay. – So Nitin if you’ve identified somebody at risk, what’s the next step mate? – Yeah, so, obviously if fast bowlers were to do this testing at home and identify themselves as a risk, seeing a group physio
would be the first step. But the four things that I would focus on would be… the first thing
would be the bowling load. So there’s a lot of discussion about bowling loads, Ben, as you’re aware. But if you’re not bowling
at all, in the off season, and then you start preseason
and you go way too much into your bowling, you’re putting your bone through too much load. And now, our bones are
just like our muscles, they also adapt to stress, so, when we load the bones,
the bones becomes stronger. So, its a good thing to load the bones but if we do it too quickly,
the bones haven’t had a chance to adapt yet and that’s when we can start to see your
fractures develop in there. So, that would be the
first thing I’d look at, the second thing I’d do
is refer them straight to you, mate, for a
bowling action analysis. So, as we know, mixed bowling
actions put people at risk and let me show you why,
if I’m a side arm bowler, I load up here, for me to get from here to where my hips square off, I need a good amount of
rotation through there but if my hips and my shoulders are pointing the opposite way, that’s putting a large shearing
force through the spine. So, Ben, you’re the expert
at identifying those, what do you use to identify
a mixed bowling action? – Yeah, so, video analysis, and what I’ll do, actually is, I’ve made a video about
mixed bowling actions, so, I’ll place that in the comments below, so you can check that out. But, yeah, probably use the video for that so thirdly? – Yeah, so, thirdly, I’d look at someone’s physical condition,
so, that’s the strength of their leg muscles, the
strength of their buttock muscles, the strength of their core. What sort of gym based program they’ve got ’cause, as we know, the muscles help to take some of the load off our bones. So, we’d definitely be
having a look at that and finally, we’d be having
a look at the biomechanics. But what I mean by that, Ben, is if you’ve got stiffness in your hips, or you’ve got stiffness
up in your mid back, as we go to rotate, as we bowl, some of the stiffness In your mid back can translate into too much
movement in your low back. And that can cause a
stress factor, as well. So, that’s when we’d actually individually go through each of your joints and look for where you might
have imbalances in flexibility, through there. – Right. – So, to summarize those
four things again, Ben, so the first one was,
how much you’re bowling, so whether you’re overloading your spine. The second one was whether you have a mixed bowling action or not. The third one was your physical condition. And the fourth one was your biomechanics. So, they would be the four things that’d I’d look at in great detail if I was assessing a fast
bowler with back pain. – Excellent, cool, so,
I mean that’s great, some great information for us and if you’d like us to
cover those four topics a little bit more comprehensively, then, yeah let us know
in the comments below, have a great days, cheers Nitin. – Thanks guys, good luck.

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