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I don’t know how
to put in words, but it somehow attracted me. I have tried many sports but
this unique sport took me here. I really want to continue
this path but as the situation and
condition don’t match well in Korea, I know it’s going to be
difficult. You’re ten years old.
You’re in third grade. I began playing ice hockey
when I was 7 years old. She has never worn skirts
since she was young. She never played
with girlish things like dolls or beauty toys. The most difficult thing was that there were
no female teams. There were not teams
to practise with. The only team that we can play
with is the national team. The most difficult thing
about this is the fact that my friends
are married, have a good job and salary,
and are living a stable life. She has sacrificed her
beautiful 20s for ice hockey, and never had a chance
to go on dates when she was in college. From the perspective of a close
friend and not a mere fan, she seems lonely and sad. So I hope she does well
at the Olympics, and then maybe chooses a
different path for herself. I cannot do as I wish,
and it somehow agonises me. It is hard to tell people
that I am an ice hockey player. I think goalkeeper usually
bears more responsibility. Sometimes we win the game,
but there are times we lose. When we lose, I feel sorry
for the team. I think the position brings the
responsibilities of the game directly to me. Hockey was an unpopular sport
in Korea. Moreover, there were
limitations in learning this sport. Until grade 9,
we could find male teams and practice with them
officially, but after that, we couldn’t do
that any more. We had to look for teams to
play and practice with. The Olympics is everything
in my life right now. Korea has endeavoured so hard
to host Olympics, and we have finally succeeded
after 2 failures. This means so much to us. When playing hockey,
I feel excited. I don’t know how to describe
it, but when playing hockey I feel energetic and happy. There were times when I wanted
to give up because of tough situations and conditions of playing ice
hockey in Korea. However, the Olympic Games
kept me up until today. Since she was
in elementary school, she dreamed of playing on the
national team in the Olympics. When I heard they were to be
hosted in PyeongChang, I realised her dream would
come true. Come here! Gather round. There is someone here, I’m going to introduce you
all to her. She is the national ice hockey
team goalie, and now she will participate
in the PyeongChang Olympics. I wish to share the experiences
and knowledge that I acquired about ice hockey to other
female players, and further develop Korean
ice hockey in the future. Because it’s the first time
hosting winter games in Korea, and also because it is the
first time the ice hockey team is entering the world stage, we bear a great
deal of responsibility. Growing up, I watched many
advertisements for the Olympics and I dreamed about playing
in the Olympics. It means so much to me. It’s the first time I played
on such a big stage, the first time I’ve played
the game like this.

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  1. I started liking and hearing about the Olympics since from that Wii game "Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games" now that game is fun and so is the rest of the series in it

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