Feature: Travis Roy Inspires Field Hockey Fundraiser

[Music] The team first became involved with the
Travis Roy Foundation through one of my past teammates Kathleen Young. She was family friends with Travis and his family I think spent
summers in Vermont where she’s from so she brought that connection to Harvard.
Ben Abercrombie’s story really affected all of Harvard Athletics. The whole spinal cord injury cause is something that we’re really excited
about fundraising for and supporting. BENTE VAN VLIJMEN: I think it’s very, very important for us that we have a strong connection with him because you really
realize that on a daily basis that we’re very lucky to be able to play the sport
that we do. TRAVIS ROY: As I said, I know you’re playing my alma mater. But it’s really an honor to be here. And I feel like that’s such a cliche thing to say. But truly, to be in this room with you, to know the opportunity that you guys get to go out and be a part of. [clapping] It’s so inspiring how he has gone
through so much and really has gone through a very tragic injury and still
has that determination that he had as an athlete and still supports
his passion for sport but now in a different way in a very selfless way and
I think to us that’s so inspiring and just makes it very
special to be able to have that connection with him. CASEY: I don’t think a lot
of us had heard that kind of perspective that he had on the sport the
idea that every day that you get on the pitch is a gift and I think a lot of
us especially at Harvard, it’s so easy to get caught up in the
day-to-day and like the little things and having him there telling his story
firsthand how much he cared so much about the sport and then it can all
change on a dime and you just like to really be grateful that we’re out here.
Seeing him there cheering us on the sidelines knowing that he’s right
there with us makes it such a powerful game to play and such a fun
game to play because we’re all just at the end of the day is so grateful that
we get to play. [Music]

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