Feature: Women’s Volleyball, Alumnae Weekend

The group that’s coming back and well
all of the Ivy champs, there’s been three in my time here, and they’re just they’re
such a special group of women and they committed so much of their time and
energy to their family their Harvard volleyball family when they were here
it’s really gonna be nice to see them and how well they’re doing and in
everything they’re doing they’re a real dedicated group I think it makes it
special for our undergrads to see this extension this they call it the Harvard
volleyball family while they’re here but now they’re all over the country and
they’re so connected. Back in 1994 she took a chance on me and let me have an opportunity to be here, and I remember we read a book about mindfulness and mental
health before we got to a preseason and once we were here we just developed a
family and for me that’s how I feel about Harvard so many years later I
still consider people here even the kids I don’t know the new girls part of like
this big family this group that’s coming back you know really they won the Ivy
title the first time in ten years I think their commitment to the team and
their commitment to one another they’re so important for the younger generation
to see in terms of how much they really did have to lose a little bit of
themselves to reach their common goals together there’s a pretty special thing
when that all works. I kind of initiated this with Coach about a year ago because
I really wanted to honor our 2014 and 2015 teams that it’s been about five
years since we won the Ivy League and we are still really close as a team so any
excuse to get us back together was super worth our time and really fun to
organize for me that group particularly to do the back-to-back titles was again
I said very committed to one another to the mission of Harvard Athletics the
mission of Harvard volleyball. It’s super special to be able to come back here and
feel the way that all of the charm and admiration we have for this gym and each
other in the locker room like little tiny things that just bring more to our
hearts it’s such a special experience and I love that we’re all back together
celebrating it. It’s about creating a full human being that is ready to take
on the world and I think Harvard women’s volleyball is where it all starts.

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