Female streaker tries to emulate Wolanski by invading Cricket World Cup final pitch

A PITCH invader failed to halt the Cricket World Cup final as she attempted to draw attention to her son’s porn website  Wearing a black swimsuit, YouTube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy’s mum dashed out of the stands, but was tackled by security before she could run onto the pitch at Lord’s  Last month Vitaly’s girlfriend Kinsey Wolanski catapulted herself into stardom after she stopped the Champions League final by streaking  Both women had the Russian-American’s company “Vitaly Uncensored” on their clothing  The website vows “wild pranks, t*** and a**, no rules.”  Vitaly took to Twitter to comment on his mum’s actions, as he said: “My mom just tried to Streak The Cricket World Cup ”  Before stating in a follow up tweet: “My mom is crazy!!!!!”  Wolanski herself commented on Elena Zdorovetskiy’s attempt, as she joked: “MOST BAD A** MOM EVER ”  The American model was arrested again recently after she was foiled by security guards as she looked to streak during the Copa America final  Wolanski claimed after her stunt at the Wanda Metropolitano that she had revealed flirty messages from a number of the Liverpool players  While she also joked that Tottenham midfielder Harry Winks couldn’t keep his eyes off her as she darted past him  The incident was reportedly worth over £3million in publicity just days after the final, which the Reds won 2-0 courtesy of goals from Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi

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