Ferris State Hockey Golf Outing 2018

always one of my favorite days of the
year to see all the guys come back and be able to interact with them it’s just
it actually gets kind of emotional for me just to see all the guys catch up
with how they’re doing and how their families are well I’m so proud of all
our players that are all our alums that are still involved in the game we’ve got
guys we’ve got so many guys coaching right now in the National Hockey League
in the American League but we’re equally as proud of the guys
that have taken their degrees and put them to use in medicine and in business
world so you know one of the things I enjoy most is hearing the success
stories and how well all the guys are doing all in all I mean just just getting a
chance to kind of see what if what people are up to and what they’ve been
up to and what they’re currently doing now I think is is exciting and it’s a
lot different when you see some some teammates that you’ve shared some
experiences with as student-athletes and now they’re they’re grown men and
parents and husbands and that so it’s it’s exciting yeah yeah the Olympics it
was what a dream come true obviously we wish we could have finished a little
better than we did but what an honor to be able to represent your country and to
represent Ferris and be able to share that with my friends and family and just
putting that jersey on it was something special it was it was awesome to be able
to represent the USA it’s going well I just signed two years in for
Iowa again so I’m excited about that we got a new coach so it’s gonna be
interesting to meet him and meet new players and so hopefully it goes well How have you enjoyed your time out there in Iowa so far? oh I love it I love it out there I played juniors out there so I’ve spent
some time in Iowa but it’s great out there oh yeah definitely you you just
have that special bond you’re stuck with each other for four years and yeah it’s
just it’s just great getting up here and it’s kind of one of those things you
just come in you haven’t seen or talked to anybody and since the last outing but
you’re picking up right where you left off and it’s it’s an easy fun weekend

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