Ferris State vs. Michigan Tech Hockey Highlights 1/27/18

Fresh off that 4-3 victory the
Bulldogs back out at their own barn to take on the Michigan Tech Huskies in
search of their first series sweep since December the second of this season as
they look to go on a late season run. Nearside Misiak big hit by Tyler Dorantes
just throwed him down in the ice oh my got the shoulder right into him
clean get at the blue line. By Moise that’s there come the Huskies the center
ice Gavin Gould has it Gould far side into the middle
he’s a tinsmith oh what a save by Darren Smith Alex Smith highway robbery by
Darren whoa man. Off the center here’s Mitch Meek Meek
with Ray Price Price the blue line shot clumps a bike Smith in a beauty Darren
Smith. They play back and forth a neutralize she’s a two-on-one Drew
Dorantes with MacKin MacKin shots and stop by Munson oh what a save by
packy Munson who’s way out of the goal still. But out of position their
statement in front of the cage lützen front stop by Smith side of the goal
they’re cleared away from the front of that Darren Smith then another Beauty
goes back to the point for hats hats weights looking for a lane now he shoots
her traffic stopped in front rebound loose on the doorstep poking away they
score and the captain breaks the seal making one nothing Ferris State heads
put the shot in on that and the Huskies weren’t able to clear and after Munson
made the save and eventually glory Mac and snuck in on the left side and was
able to poke that one home as Maloney was digging at it also jus Durante’s in
mac and slides in from the left foots at home and the Bulldogs are up one nothing
and they just kept getting better on the power play and eventually it paid off as
the hollers have to come in on support Doris had his feet gets it to killin
killings handles around one man Huskies were chained it gets it around another
man next play by killers and and here he goes
killings down the wall back hit shot loosened from the scores given to Cole
Doris it’s two nothing Ferris State Riker
killing 10j and WCHA Defensive Player of the Week guy think so Riker Riker
killins able to bring that from the D zone all the way up get the shot on net
and Kole Norris takes it home as puts it across the face the goal actually with
the pass to Cole Norris who position himself very well on the backside of
that goal and able to tap it home with a stick in his way
great finished by Cole Norris he scored last night he scored tonight and meek
far side for auch into the middle Luchini blocked here here’s a chance for
printer banners got a short-handed breakaway dinner and I goal shoots it
door blue jet spinner was a shorty Ferris State leads at 3 nothing 102 to
go in the chicken Ferris State takes the penalty and what a penalty kill they had
and then Lucas spinner able to get that on the break and finish on packy Munson
you see he’s able to take it over center ice no defenders in behind him he goes
for handbag can lifts it up over Watson starts the rush for Michigan Tech Watson
cuts around the defense with top of the zone long shot clock down by Smith 15
mock taken down here’s a rush the other direction three on one up the ice
joining defensively as Lucini in the middle Maloney’s their stick tailing
play stop by Munson packy Munson make this stop with the left hand puts the
glove down up the near side Alex Smith has it over the blue line over center
rights to Gould chopped it around a man got it to Smith Smith this wide open in
front of Darren Smith then they score it bounced off of recktenwald into the goal
651 to go in the Huskies break the shutout boys with a shot through traffic
blocked by the Huskies Baretta turns back with it that’s gonna do it
Ferris State in front of 2490 has sold-out crowd got to get the sweep at night in Michigan Tech battled hard
for the second night but in the end Ferris State had more offense and a
great goaltending performance out of Darren Smith and I think those are the
two keys here and cannot emphasize enough how well Darren Smith played
tonight and all the weekend

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