Field Hockey Scores Eight in Ferrum Victory

here comes Moyer weaving her way through
pass through shot goal Bridgewater flat pass can’t find Thompson balls
being pinballed around the front of the net great pass shot goal Bridgewater
allison Thompson on the through ball there that was a great shot excuse me that was
Kelsey Hicks a great shot there one-on-one with Mia Holmes hopefully I
can place my bet here on cooke here comes a shot balls in goal for the Eagles
a very nice flick there on the goal I believe Rose rose streaking to the
middle a nice flat pass shot goal Eagles Hicks second one of the evening for a
flat pass shot on goal by cooke goal for moyer cooke to Moyer that’s gonna be a goal
for karinne Moyer she ties for the goal lead again looking for the flick goal
Eagles Kelsey Hicks with a great goal and that
is going to be a hat-trick for her first three goals on the season

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