Field Hockey Tips: How To Indian Dribble

Hey guys, my name’s Anna Giannoni. I’m a former
college field hockey player and a CoachUp Coach. And this is the Indian Dribble. Yeah, here you, uh, do the girl thing. The importance of the Indian Dribble is to
allow you to have ball control and be able to navigate through high traffic areas on
the field. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take
your left hand and you’re gonna put it at the end of your stick and take your right
hand and put it at the other end of the grip. You’re gonna bend your knees, start with the
ball at your left knee and you’re gonna simply pull to the right. And while you’re doing
that, you’re gonna rotate your left hand over, back and forth. Make sure when you’re doing
this, you’re shifting your weight back and forth and you’re keeping your head up so you
know where you’re going.

8 thoughts on “Field Hockey Tips: How To Indian Dribble

  1. You should move your left elbow higher for a greater range of motion when dribbling and don't stand horizontal when dribbling (even when practicing) as you never run horizontally always vertically, one foot in front of the other

  2. How can you not do this. This litteraly the most basic skill there is you learn this your first time playing

  3. That is not Indian dribbling, it's tapping or pulling the ball front one side to the other across the feet.

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