FIELD HOCKEY: Wake Forest Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] [CLINK] As UVA looks for something,
McDonough feeding Gill. It was kicked. And Virginia earns their
first penalty corner. [INAUDIBLE] comes rushing. It’s put down. Ezechiels scores
off the deflection. And Virginia is on
the board first. Moving in with a chance. Anderson weaving. Saved by Lucas. And the rebound in front. [CHEERING] So Anzel [INAUDIBLE]
will insert. See what they go to here. Again, it’s wide at the target,
a couple of times in this half. Virginia hasn’t taken advantage. But here comes Shanahan
weaving in, in the front. Virginia scores. [WHISTLE] [CHEERING] And it’s Annie McDonough
putting Virginia on top. Gill is the injector. 20 seconds left. It’s down for Grashoff. Deflected out. Can Wallis clear? It goes to Norair. What a save by Makayla Gallen. The Virginia Cavaliers
hold off Lake Forest. They get two goals
from freshmen. Annie McDonough
scores the winner. And they pick up
a huge to ACC win. [SWISH] [SWOOSH]

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