Field of Dreams for cricket players

a real live Field of Dreams being built right now just northwest of Houston more than 80 acres being devoted to a sport that’s gaining in popularity you might not be real familiar with the game of cricket but a die-hard group of local players is hoping this project will create a new generation of fans only on 2 tonight Andy Shirota takes us to Prairie View where construction is already underway with the swing of the bat and the strike of the ball on a breezy Sunday morning a game of cricket gets underway in a vacant field in far southwest Houston familiar sounds which bring back fond memories to Pakistani for Houston businessman Tommy we’re all men well when I was going I mean the only sports that we knew was cricket so the passion and the love was already there and just northwest of Houston off highway 290 in the town of Prairie View another Center construction these grounds are set to be a world class cricket complex with at least 10 playing fields and academy and a commercial space when it’s all done it’s about 86 acres total so the first phase is we’re going to open up four fields in September as you can see right here all med says the game of cricket is two he and his friends what baseball is to Americans he says the game is growing in popularity here in Houston but teams need more dedicated spaces to play up until last year there were 28 registered teams in Houston quicker league however not having enough feels a lot more teams could register so this year since we are opening up in September they allowed an extra four teams and he believes that number will continue to grow hopefully we need a couple of showers called deep patel has played cricket since he was 15 and also played for the United States national team he’s working with Hamed on the new complex it’s like Field of Dreams nothing like this in the United States have played in almost every corner of the country but to have ten grounds in one area it’s amazing besides providing a space for the current roster of teams Ahmed also wants to share his love of cricket with Americans by teaching them the game plan is to build an academy here to have a couple of coaches just to make sure that you know when the school kids come here we start coaching them we start introducing to the universities to the school level to the all the colleges around here back here locally some younger players are already beginning to share the game with their friends he came to my house in go to my practice and he’s like what are you guys doing I’m like playing cricket and he’s like can you teach me and I just taught him how to hit the ball and throw the ball 2/3 the line from the movie Field of Dreams appears to be coming true build it and they will come Ahmed says he’s already received interest from players as far away as Michigan and Philadelphia wanting to play at his new complex we have already approached by some doctors that they want to come here from different states Houston is probably the only city where you can play it all year long the second phase of the Prairie View cricket complex is set to be complete by November with the final phases rolling out in 2019 to learn more about the facility and how you can help be a part of the building process look for this story on the homepage of andy Shirota KPRC channel 2 news

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