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*Ad Melbet Ad* Hello viewers, Welcome to Nothing But Cricket In this video I’m gonna talk about a drill which helps you with underarm throwing It might sound easy but it is very common way of making run outs When we field inside 30 yards circle, We’ll rush towards the ball and cut singles and underarm throw at stumps Mostly we’ll make runouts when batsmen trying to The problem here is we might have to throw from different distances and angle from the stump When we stand in point and if the ball comes to our left we gotta move left and throw from there vice versa If we are far from stump, we might have to throw with extra effort so we gotta throw according to distance and direction but the technique with which we throw should remain same staying low till the end is the key. I already posted a video about this underarm throwing technique, check out the card any how I’ll give a small explanation all you gotta do is use the wrong foot while picking the ball and stay low till the end Always remember to throw in the stump level the ball should neither pitch nor go above the stump this lets the keeper or bowler to easily gather the ball and take the bails off this will improve the chance of batsmen falling short of their crease this drill which I’m gonna tell will help you practice the throw from different angles and different distances I’ve placed 5 cones 2 near the stump and 3 away from the stump at different angles I’ll run from the cone behind and pick the ball from one of the cone and underarm throw at the stump and run back to the starting cone and do the same for all 5 cones with balls this drill can be covered along with fitness or warm up drills like a shuttle run so we need to spend extra time doing this drill as a dedicated fielding drill this avoids boredom and saves time so this helps you to get better with your underarm throws and makes you better fielder There is no necessity to hit the stumps but just remember to not to throw over the stumps repeated practice of this drill makes you a good close-in fielder you’ll be a fierce fielder and the batsmen will be scared to run when the ball goes to you please leave a like and share this video with your friends before leaving please do subscribe and also press the bell icon to get notified Thanks for watching keep supporting

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  5. you are saying that if u r a right hander pick up the ball with right hand and & left foot infront but it is the wrong way even u r also picking the ball with right hand &right foot it is the correct way even international players are also saying that if u r right hander pick up the ball with righthand &right foot then y u r saying in vice versa

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