Fielding Ground Balls & Techniques | Baseball Drills | @Dominican Baseball Academy

In this Video, we’ll work on drills that teach infielders the correct mechanics for fielding ground balls First, we start with front facing fielding position The correct fielding position is important, heads up, back straight and not too bent towards the ground Next, let’s switch from front facing to fielding ground balls from the side Important to first learn how to read and then field the baseball and the correct posture which is not to be off balance by bending too much towards the ground bend your knees Next, let’s put it into practice and field ground balls thrown towards you nice Come on! You need to get a little bit lower and head towards the baseball you are not doing it the correct way, you shouldn’t start with your heel, do it with your tiptoes instead Come on, do a better move Next, we end the practice by hitting ground balls to the players in the infield – this is a nice way for them to apply what they learned today Get in! Get in! throw to second base heads up

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