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nice hey guys aphmau here And Welcome To a Very Special Hide And Seek
If you Are a Fan of The Game You can Obviously tell By the Environment Especially that one Particular sign, Ri-ight over there BUT THIS, Is a Very Special Undertale Hide and Seek. The Models Were made By Kamiwasa!
And Of course the Game Mode was made By Jason So Thank you to Both of them! ๐Ÿ™‚ And Of Course i am joined by The Lovely, Katelyn The Zane… Vylad! And Travis! ๐Ÿ˜€ Aphmau: Hi!
Katelyn: yay. Vylad: *Sings* YO YO-o-o~ Aphmau: Yes.
Zane: Not Sure why she called me “The Zane”, but I guess I wont argue Aphmau: a B-because i was gonna say ‘the Lovely Zane’ but Katelyn already has that title Cause she is so lovely.
Look at Her Travis: Zane, your Zane the UnZane.
Aphmau: Awwwwwwwe
Katelyn: Aw Shucks… Aphmau:Give me a hug Katelyn, Give me a hug…
I’ll Hug your Feet Katelyn: Oh, Thank you. Vylad: Careful not to… (Unheard by everyone else)
Zane: okay… Um
Travis: She’s Sunken into the Snow! Aphmau: *Laughs*.. Wut? Vlayd: I Will hug the, um, the big present here I wanted the big present, Imma Take it
Aphmau:Yee Aphmau: *BIGBREATH* Anyway! While Vylad is Stealing Presents. REMEMBER GUYS: If you Enjoy this Episode, Be sure to Leave a Like, A Comment, And Check out the description Down Below for more info, And For other Channels AN-, Without Further a-due, Lets go ahead and Begin! *~SWIPE NOISE*~ Katelyn: oh hey there little buddy.
Aphmau: *Slight Fangirl Noise* ITS FRISK…
Zane: hm. Travis: I would ….I would say But Im pretty sure this Character doesnt say anything, so..
Aphmau: *Fangirls a tiny bit more* Katelyn: yeah Maybe, you should just shut your mouth.
Aphmau: HueHueHahaha Aphmau: Sounds like the Perfect Character For Zane. Travis: *in High Voice* Sounds like someone wants to have a Bad time ’round Zane? Zane: *Grunts* Aphmau: Uhhhhh, Wait, That is Zane. Aphmau: *GASPS IN REALIZATION* THAT WAS ZANE!
Katelyn&Zane&Travis: What? Aphmau: For some reason i Forgot that Zane Was, was there Katelyn: Oh
Zane: uh huh.. Katelyn: *Gigles* That So…
Vylad: Need to work on Laying an Impression there Vylad: Gotta Make it last…. Katelyn: Awkward…
Travis: Indeed. Aphmau: So who’s your Favorite Character in Undertale? Travis: Papyrus. Katelyn: Papyrus Aphmau: Yeah Papyrus is pretty awesome ๐Ÿ˜€
Zane: Flowey… Vylad: *Mumble Mumble* Vylad: I actually like flowey too actually. Travis: *In Papyrus Style Voice* i enjoy His Whimsical Behavior! Aphmau: Hehehe
Katelyn: Are you Freaking Kidding me?
Travis: Yup Travis&Aphmau: *Laughs* Travis: OH HO GOSH! SHE’S SANS
Katelyn: *In dorky Voice* hur hur hey everybody, *Cuts out of voice* Im not gonna Do it
Aphmau: SHE’S SANS?! Katelyn: *Laughs*
Aphmau: *Bursts out laughing* *Vylad joins Aphmau laughing* Aphmau: Its hilarious- TRAVIS: SWIGITY SWOOTY! SHE’S COMING IN FOR THAT BAD TIME BOOTY!!!!!! Katelyn: *Groans*
Aphmau: *Laughs* She really IS coming in for that booty! katelyn: oh-what are you doing in mah room man? Zane:*says nervously* Uh-hi *Screams like a zane* Katelyn:Aww Vylad: oh-no broo NOOOOO Katelyn: Its wash-u-wa Zane: *upset HmMm* Zane: Alright let me come out of here Travis:WAsh-ua Zane: lets see here Aphmau: I love watching sans run *giggles* Travis- its just like uuuggghhh Katelyn: He’s got a pretty dorky run Travis: its like somebody covered in ketucup and he like “oooohhh am gunna dive into that” Aphmau&Katelyn: *laughs at Travis’s joke* Vylad: That is a dorky run Katelyn: *sings* hide n’ seek Bah ba bah bada Vylad: maybe not the biggest but, definitely a good decent size. (Me: thats was she said) Katelyn: *Quiet humm* *Sparkle Sound* Aphmau: Nooo Travis: gotcha Katelyn: Niiicce Travis: aawwwOooh your’re a froggit, Your’re adorable, *Creepy voice* Your’re a little potato Aphmau: aw-Thank-you Vylad: Oh-god I’m the only one left ;-; Zane: Mmhm *Hums in a yes manner* Aphmau:*Laughs* Aphmau: Oh I am a froggit Aphmau: * Girly screech* Vylad: Will his cunnin-rogue last? Aphmau: hhmmm Aphmau: Lets see if I were a rogue like vylad, where would I be? Travis: Uhh-I don’t know maybe in *gets cut off* Vylad: obvious hidden in plain sight Katelyn: maybe on a roof somewhere? Vylad: maybe constantly following someone behind their back waiting for the right moment to strike Vylad: hey-there Aphmau: Hi Aphmau: *laughs katelyn joins in* Vylad: I thought I would camouflage in the tree better. Aphmau: *Laughs more slowly turns into words* Haha-look at chuuuu *then turns in to a fangirl screeh* Katelyn: Awwww Travis: and now you are the frisk Zane: Okay-then Aphmau: uuuuh Katelyn: guess we better run Travis: See ya Zane: I would probably consider myself a Chara type but.. Aphmau: *whispers* Hi Travis Travis: APHMAU stop Aphmau: *whispers* Travis Travis: his gonna get a ? (Idk) Aphmau: *whispers* lets come over here Zane: Don’t try to stop her Travis Zane: It never works Travis: uuuuh *Gives in to Aphmau and her craziness* Aphmau: *whispers* We can sit right here.. we can sit together Travis: Alright fine -.- Aphmau: We can sit down and talk about our feelings Travis: Like what kind of feelings Aphmau:.. Like feelings…Like you know *katelyn cuts in* YEA LIKE WHAT KIND OF FEELINGS ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT WITH TRAVIS OVER THERE WITHOUT ME Travis: Umm Aphmau:*whispers* Like zane Travis: umm Its cool don’t worry about it Aphmau: What about zane-How about zane hu-hm Travis: I mean how that Zane totally enjoys cute things and by cute things I mean KC (Stands for Kawaii-Chan) Aphmau: Mmmhm *Agrees* Zane:*Stumbles on words to say* Aphmau: UH-Ha *laughs* Travis: WHHHHoooa Travis: I mean I knew, I kinda had a feelin, I had a feelin Aphmau: OOOoOooo sometimes I get a good feeling… yeaa(Speaks over Zane): Double times trying to find these two Vylad: You being hooked on-em Travis: wait if we are going to talk about feelin-s lets talk about chu and the obvious feelings in the room Katelyn&Aphmau: Whats that? Travis: *Annoying but cute voice* AAAaaarrronnnn Aphmau: *girly giggles* :3 Vylad: Okay not sure how that voice came up but, alright *more giggles from the poeples* Katelyn: that made me a little uncomfortable Vylad: Little bit *Aphmau laughs* Travis: BUT I think its sooo cute how he is teaching you how to swim Katelyn: That is, I can’t believe you didn’t know how to swim and you didn’t tell anybody… thats not responsible Travis: You went to a “water”park resort and you didn’t know how to swim Aphmau: I TOLD ZANE! Travis: ZANE! Katelyn: Zane doesn’t tell Travis: Zane why didn’t you tell anybody? Zane: uuh no one tries to talk to me, so who would I have to tell? Travis: Good point *Heavy Breathe* Aphmau: Okay look behind chu, I feel bad, Look behind you zane Vylad: I see greenery Zane: How far behind me ar-WUT!?! Aphmau: SSSHHHHHH Travis: Hii Zane: *upset growl* *Pretty Sparkles* Zane: BAM AND BAM! *MORE PRETTY SPARKLES* Aphmau: *Fangirl screech* Vylad: I only see two Travis: I’m a puppy ๐Ÿ˜€ Aphmau:>o๐Ÿ™‚ (Sorry Can’t make out that) Travis: Oh-my she is a twin baked potato Katelyn:aww Aphmau:Doesn’t that make me a mashed potato? Travis: makes sense, Your’re very squishy Katelyn: Mmm I want a baked potato vylad: uuuugh-baked potato ya Katelyn: with like ranch… yes please Zane: fully loaded, I could have that Travis: uuuh-fully loaded baked potatoes ^~^ Aphmau: *makes quiet noises* Zane: The best ones you can find is ones with barbecue pork in them, they are amazing Aphmau: *groans to the yummy foods* Katelyn:MMMMmm You are making me hungry Vylad: Well-um I know what I’m ordering to night Zane: it Basically makes it a pork-tato Aphmau: *amazed by zane* :O Zane: I think I just blew Aphmau’s mind Katelyn: ;-; *cries* Aphmau:*Laughs* Katelyn: *groans in pity* Vylad: Now I want french fries Travis: its okay Honey ๐Ÿ˜‰ you did good Aphmau: Everyone has called me a potato since high school D: Katelyn: oh-sorry do you not like it? Travis: mean its , sorry its not a opinion, its just a fact Aphmau: WHAT!?! Kateyln: *Holds back laugh* Zane: *laughs* Aphmau:oh zane-*gets cut off by Vylad* Vylad would if be better if I called you a rutabaga? Zane: Thats what she gets for calling me a fat little nugget Aphmau: HEY! Katelyn: Yea, I rather be called a potato than fat nugget Zane: Yea tell me about it! Aphmau: Its adorable Aphmau:cause.. your adorable (Still ship it!) Katelyn: I read so much fanfiction that took place in this room Vylad: Alright then Travis: You found Alphys’s lab? Katelyn: No..nevermind Aphmau: *laughs* Travis: Was going to say read a

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