First Cricket Match of the Season in England|Village Cricket 2019

Hello Friends Welcome to my channel I hope you all having Amazing time So Today i am going for a cricket match. Whenever i am free in Summer season, i will definitely go for a cricket match. We only have 6 months in a season of cricket and in this 6 months most of matches gets canceled. The reason is Rain and its always raining here and even today it will get cancel i think. The weather is looks dangerous I think it will rain and the match will be cancel But still i will be packing my cricket kit bag and will see what will happen. The rain just started and i have not left home yet, raining. I don’t think this match will happen If the weather stay like this, i think the match will happen. The place i am going to is in Sussex County, We call it state in India. Right now the month is May. So Guys the weather is fine here in this city. and the distance from my city to here is 6 miles but still there is no rain here. Hope the match go well, pray for no rain So i would like to update the match score We did fielding first The opposition bat really well, In 50 overs, they made 230 runs and now we are batting and we 4 wicket down with 60 runs on board in 15 overs. Hope some miracle happen and we will see Hello Friends, let me tell the result as our match is finish and unfortunately we lost. We all got out for 140 Runs which is really bad. and i scored 11 runs not too bad. As i am batting after long and it was my first match of the season. Also the match completed without any rain that was the best achievement.

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