First Paragliding Flight 2020 – Erster Gleitschirmflug 2020

Ok, January 1st 2020. Yes, I came up here again to the “Plan du Fou”. In the ski area of ​​Nendaz in Valais. To make the first flight of the year today on January 1st. And yes – wonderful conditions today. And as you can see quite well here … …behind me… the wind has picked up a bit. You can see it clearly on the wind signal behind me. And yes… still ideal conditions to start. And today we’re heading west. And if you look at the panorama Good to see, the “Bietschhorn” over there. Over there, the highest point on the other side in the northeast of the Valais. And further to the left of it … the Balmenhorn, no “Balmhorn”. Also a high peak in the Valais. Yes, but above all … of course … … if you look west … Well, a little bit difficult to see. But you can see … a little right … from the sun … … you can see inconspicuously … very far on the horizon … inconspicuous … a summit … … peep out from between the front peaks … That is the “Montblanc”, the highest mountain in the Alps. Yes, behind it in the green … … is Martigny. And yes, good launch conditions. I’m getting ready now … And then let’s see that I launch westerly here. Yes, first flight in 2020. Yes, wonderful conditions. As I said … … to the west out from “Plan du Fou”. And here now … …almost… … the entire Valais … … lying at your feet … Yes and… … I fly here in the other direction, then you can see it a little better. Over there… …now… … “Croix de Coer”. One side of the Verbier ski area. And now with a view of Martigny. Now around again and we’re looking towards … …East. In front of us right now, the “Balmhorn”. And exactly right in front of us … … the highest peak that is recognizable … … the “Bietschhorn”.
As I just said. And now we’re over Nendaz again. I think it’s a good idea to land there again today … The conditions in the village should be such that it should be easy to land. The first flight day … … is over in 2020. Yesss! Nice day today – great conditions. And now here again … … landed in the middle of Nendaz. On the snow. How nice. Yes, now I’m packing up and then … … let’s enjoy the first of January. Super cool.

2 thoughts on “First Paragliding Flight 2020 – Erster Gleitschirmflug 2020

  1. Sehr schönes Video! Herrliche Bergwelt! Wir hatten am Neujahrstag 2020 auch einen schönen Flugtag in der thüringischen Rhön! EIn Video davon gibts auf meinem Kanal. Würde mich freuen wenn ihr mal vorbei schaut und mir ein Abo da lasst! Grüße an alle Piloten! Marcus

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