First Serve: Moritz Reichert über den neuen Mikasa V200W Volleyball

The new Mikasa V200W also has a new anti-welding function – that means, the ball is covered with a layer to make sure that sweat is better removed during longer rallies with the ball and is not terminated by technical errors. Did you notice that during training? So I think to put the anti-sweat function on the ball is a great idea because it’s happened a lot of times that it’s a little bit detrimental to the play in the game. I’ve gotI didn’t see any sweat on the ball during training, so it either worked quite well or it was just a coincidence, but I think then you have to see how that behaves in tournaments with games or in longer games right now – Playing behaves straight – whether this is really a significant improvement then if this really is a significant improvement and brings the game a little bit forward again The predecessor, the MVA 200, has already played extensively in your long career, just tested the new ball a bit, can you already draw a first conclusion if you compare the two balls? So I find the difference between the MVA and the ball now is not quite as big as the difference back then with the predecessor of the MVA. Now that the surface structure is similar, I think it will behave a bit more similar to the ball and that was my first impression. Yeah, I guess if we will now use the ball more often in many games, we will also see if the impression is confirmed then like this but basically I think everyone was pretty happy with the ball. That’s why I think it fits if you only make small changes to optimize it again.

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