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Holy shi-
>>Aah!>>Aah!>>Start with a walk, jog, rise.>>Hey, it’s Leila again with Daniel. The next stop on our SoCal tour
is in the San Fernando Valley. Hi!
Sorry I’m late.>>No, you’re good.>>Today, we’re hang gliding for the first
time with the good people at Windsport. We met up with them at their
mountain location in Sylmar, California, located 45
minutes outside of LA. Interesting fact, you actually can’t be given a hang
gliding tour in the United States. So we needed to become student pilots
through Windsport in order for us to go hang gliding.>>Turn back.
>>Okay.>>You’re gonna lay down.>>Before our lesson, we decided to
hike to the top of Kagel Mountain Peak, which is 3,500 feet or
one kilometer above sea level. And to be honest with you, it was so
much harder than I expected. Welp. Yeah, don’t selfie and hike, guys. Hi, okay, Leila, Daniel and
our new friend Josh.>>Hey!
>>Josh is our hang gliding instructor. We’re about to do the hike, which
apparently, not a lot of people do, so.>>Very few.
You’re the only students who have done it.>>Yes!>>There we go.>>Great. And then, I would- You definitely have extended the definition
of trail this thing.>>There is Leila falling behind.>>Got to catch up!>>I am like a foot shorter than you.>>This is a rough one. Especially for Leila, she is-
>>I’m struggling you guys.>>She’s struggling.>>Not doing so bad. It’s a lot of up. It’s so steep. Everything is so steep. It’s steep and steep and hot and hot. It’s so steep and hot and hot. Where are we now?>>Probably just over 3,000 feet, so just a couple hundred more to climb
until we get to go the top and fly off.>>Holy moly!>>It’s just pass the top.>>Damn it.>>Andy said, “pick those knees up.”
>>Yeah?>>See the end?>>My god, really? Woo!
We did it, yeah. Perfect flying weather.>>Perfect.>>Let’s do it.>>Sunny, windy, nice weather, let’s go.>>My name is Josh and I’m the Assistant
Manager at Windsports Hang Gliding School. I’m also a professional tandem
hang gliding instructor.>>My name is Andrew Beem, and I’m a professional tandem
hang gliding instructor. I’ve been flying hang gliders for
35 years.>>I’ve been hang gliding
just almost nine years now.>>The sensation feels like having
a wing connected to your back.>>It’s very unique in
aviation especially. We don’t have a motor, so
we just rely on mother nature to fly.>>The basic fundamentals of a hang glider
and how you fly it are very similar.>>It’s a very simple but
very structurally sound aircraft. It’s very strong, pound for pound, it’s more strong than most
single engine airplanes. It can handle more positive and
negative g-forces, stresses, on the glider,
than most single engine airplanes. I love hang gliding. Come fly with me, it’s amazing.>>I’m official.>>Yay!>>Let’s do it.>>Time to glide,
time to glide, time to glide.>>All right, you ready?>>Yeah.
>>So start with the walk. Jog, run!
>>Aah! My god. Aah!>>Jog. Run, run, run, run, run.>>And we’re flying man. Holy shi-
>>Aah!>>Aah!>>Yeah!>>We did it.>>We did it.>>Woo hoo! My god!>>We survived. We just finished, we just landed. And it was amazing.>>So much fun.>>My god, hands down,
one of the best things we’ve done.>>Yeah, definitely, top two. [LAUGH]
>>Yeah, at least. I’d say big tip number one would be
don’t sleep on a futon the night before.>>Yeah, or eat bacon in the morning.>>Yeah, or eat bacon in the morning.>>Rely on only coffee.>>And kind of struggling there.>>Tip number two, definitely
accept the ride up the mountain.>>Yeah, yes.
Do not do the hike. It was very tiring, very steep.>>If you do want to have a nice butt,
go up the mountain. Tip number three, a lot of water. I think I chugged my two water bottles. Listen to your instructors,
because they know best.>>Yep, follow the two rules.>>Yeah.>>What are they?>>Run with him and then strap in, okay.>>All right.>>All right, well, bye.>>See you.>>Captain’s log,
day four, still climbing. The hill is never ending. The grass, never ending. The sun, always shining,
in southern California. Captain’s log, day 13? We’ve lost count. Captain’s log. I don’t know what day it is. I am in Sylmar, California. You need to send help. I have no water, no food, and
no friends, still going up this hill.

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  1. So these videos are going to be whatever is going on a days travel from these two presenters homes. Awesome?

  2. We had so much fun taking you flying Leila and Daniel. We love the video and keep on being awesome!

  3. what is the soundtrack please? it is just so damn good
    and thank you for making such an amazing video btw =))

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    What if I step on a-
    ACK*. ICK BUG! BUG! ~hack~
    Swallowed a bug.
    Comment if you get the reference!

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