1. Very impressed on your goalie skill. I mean that looked better than some WC goalteanding at times and literally first time 😀 Get skates and a stick, but couple of tennis balls. That way you can play on the lakes then without killing anyone. Puck only for real metal nets you'll likely find on some outside rink and if no-one around. Pucks you'll lose to nearest snow bank, tennis balls are a bit easier to find, but get ready to lose some too 🙂 Anyways, when I was young we had a outside rink literally 200m away and lost many balls there, but during spring we always went on a hunt there once snow was low enough and I never had to buy any, there was always many to be found.

  2. This video made my day 😂 Dave Cad in a Suomi jersey 😍 looks so right.. Even though the skating doesn't.. for now anyway 😉 keep it up and you will master it, I'm sure.

  3. This was hilarious. But well done IMO! I was genuinely surprised how well that went. Or seemed to. Waiting for the blooper reel.

  4. You should maybe try some flooball stuff, it has stick handling and it's really fast sport. Skating is different for sure, but hey, at least goaltenders still get sweaty just putting on the gear.

  5. You aren't gonna go skating on lake ice, right? That can be really dangerous. There is this hobby, retkiluistelu, that does take place on lakes and stuff but for that you must have different kind of skates and naskals (thing you use to get out of the water if the ice breaks). So don't go on random lakes to skate without the proper equipment and training, ok? Just worried about you D:

  6. That table corner.. there is cover for those screws. :p Future Finnish goalie. I had a dream to play Ice hockey but my knees are so f***ed.

  7. Ice hockey is probably the most retarded thing that fins like. Everyone and their dog goes apeshit over some dudes with skates chasing black rubber disc on ice,
    and literally nobody else in the world cares, it is like ping-pong in some Asian countries.

  8. As a goalie I was really worried about how it would go with you catching pucks, but you did good considering your experience with skating. Although I was cringing a lot due to your positions at times. Still, great job!

  9. Nice you tried. Tho you bit late on the game. Finns usually start learning hockey already in comprehensive school and back then I was already better than you and I wasn't that good compared to some other class mates. But generally you live in Finland ice skating is a skill that you must have.

  10. Hey, now that you've tried hockey, why not get to know ringette? I know it's mainly a 'women only' -sport, but it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on it! I mean, Finland has won the world championship 8 times already 😏

  11. You surely Make Many People – More interested to try Ice hockey ! There is One Karkkila FINN Gibson / GOALIE / UK / that has made IT to NHL !

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  13. Yeees please 😃 Do more of those ice hockey videos. I'm playing ice hockey myself and yup I know how the start was xD But u did good👌😂

  14. for the record, dear Dave, You did great as a goalkeeper! I'm 28 years old and I live in Finland. I barely know how to skate on ice! No hope to be a goalkeeper. I would love to see more of there "from zero to pro icehockey" videos!

  15. Hands of Aleksander Barkov, shot of Patrik Laine, skating of Miro Heiskanen, power of Mikko Rantanen, passing of Mikael Granlund and hockey IQ of Sebastian Aho.

  16. Considering I went through 9 years of Finnish basic education, where skating and ice hockey are obligatory subjects in PE, and I still can't manage to even turn without falling… you're a natural!

  17. If you're going to skate on a lake, make sure the ice has been measured and is at least 1 meter thick. It's better just to skate on official maintained skating rinks.

  18. Alotin luistelun 3.v ja 4.v alotin olee maalivahti joten ne patjat ei ees tunnu painavilt😂😂 (ps. kun olin 3.v pelasin 8-10 vuotiaitten joukkueessa)

  19. I'm goalie so I can say that it's pretty hard to be a goalie. You were great for the first time! Just bit more practice and you get much better! And sorry about my bad english 🙂

  20. Couple of good catches, Well done Dave! One or two year of Hard training and you will become a good "beerleague" player… Maybe.. 😉 And remember, safety first.

  21. maybe react to some top moments from the world championships, NHL or something. Maybe the famous goal by Mikael Granlund against Russia?

  22. Where abouts of England are you from because I would be happy to set you up with a team or tell you some info regarding leagues and teams you could join

  23. I play goalie myself. Those pads aren’t so heavy 😅.
    Learn to skate properly if you want to play good. Stickhandling will come naturally after that.
    Btw. Goalie is the hardest position to play in and I think you did Well for your first time in net 👌🏒🥅

  24. Omg, I always,thought it was ice ring, and people just pronaunce it funny. But now I realize it's actually rink, not ring. Live and learn…

  25. Actaully that V was quite alright as a goalie. Most first timers tend to jump on their knees, feet directly straight backwards,. pads down, under the knee (like the face of the pad on the ice). So not as bad as it could been. Next step: moving around in goalie gear and getting quickly up from butterfly. It's actually so much fun, playing ice hockey, especially as a goalie.

  26. As a Canadian with roots from Finland, it is never called ice hockey. Only called hockey. As Stompin Tom Connors sang, "The Good Old Hockey Game!"

  27. U got to bend ur knees down more when u skate as a player its called the crosby position i learned that when i started playing hockey. Ive played ice hockey for 10 years now and it gets easier each time u practice just saying. Keep it up 💪💪🔥

  28. We appreciate it. Your playing the greatest game on Earth. To answer your question why your muscles are hurting so bad you're using muscles that you never used before. Once you start skating and learning how to ride your edges you are going to be a really good hockey player start doing skating drills. Learn about your crossovers backwards skate. And learn your balance. Also learn how to use your stopping on the ice. Never give up on the sport it gives a lot of good values on life and it is also. A great place to make friends, and the best part is when you're having a rough day what happens in the locker room stays in the locker room. Like for example wife was heckling me in the morning to take the trash out and I got angry because I had to go to hockey practice. So I told her I'd take care of it in the tomorrow morning😂😂. But you will enjoy it and love the game way to go on your skating.

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