Fish with Jordan Poyer, Hockey Dad Lorenzo Alexander and More | Bills: Embedded Ep. 3

[Music] Malik. You seen Malik? Yeah, we
would love to get him. Want to package it? Always good doing business with you,
bud. However you guys ranked him after that. They want him bad, so I tried to close that one. Undrafted free agency is chaos. The goal is to make it organized chaos. Working the phones? Have you guys talked to him? Kinda what Brandon said, if we don’t find somebody we love, then… Let me know. Alright thanks. You’ve got X number of dollars to spend, and you can choose how
many positions, what you want to spend them on. I don’t know. See if he would be interested in our situation. Joe and I, after we made our sixth
round pick, we went in there, and we looked at positions of need. Looked at the
board. Where we have guys. And what positions we need to target and allocate more of our dollars to. Is it gonna come down to the highest bidder or the best situation? Okay. Alright, just think about what it will take to get it done. It’s recruiting. It’s like college days. It happens fast and furious. And again, you do need everyone organized and on the same page. Hey, how’d it go? Y’all get him? It’s at six
o’clock. I got to move on. Either you’re in or you’re not. We got to move on. And sometimes you have to use that with players. No, it’s [expletive] we’ve
been going for They’re still shooken from not being drafted, and they weren’t picked. That’s a lot of shock. And they’re going through a lot of emotions, understandably so. What’s up with your guy Sills? Is there something I’m
missing? David was a guy that was on our draft
board, and one that we considered drafting multiple times. Again, tall long target for Josh, which is what would be the attractive part. One of the
recruiting pitches we could use with David, he was the receiver that we wanted
the most after the draft, was that we did not draft a receiver. Yeah, have Josh call him. Barkley and Josh Allen are together. They’re gonna call him. Barkley knows him
from back in the day. And you are trying to sell the opportunity, sell Buffalo,
sell this new facility we have. Check with Sean. See if Sean wouldn’t mind getting on
the phone with the kid. How’d it go Sean? Did it go okay? We had Sean, myself, Terry
Pegula get on the phone with him. David. It’s Terry Pegula. Oh, yeah that’s great. Beane, let’s call the kid. David. David, it’s Brandon Beane. How you doing? We had everybody on the phone
with him about what we are here in Buffalo. Chris, Brandon Beane. How you
doing man? I’m great. Can you get this thing done? I’m not talking to anybody else. This kid knows I want him with you. At the end of the day just felt most
comfortable with the Bills. Coming to an organization like Buffalo playing for
people that that absolutely love the team. I feel like it
was an opportunity for me to come in and do everything I could to help this
organization. Drafted or undrafted, first-rounder or free agent,
rookie or vet everyone showed up ready to work
on the first day of OTAs. Good morning. How you doing? Hey, we’re you
disappointed in how Game of Thrones ended? Naw, I liked it. Alright. Here we go. [Grunting] Hey, best in the world man. Best in the [expletive] world at what we do. Enjoy it. Love each other man. Let’s go to work. We work on three. One, two, three. We work. You
know a lot of those guys we’ve been together for a while now There’s really not a whole lot of
excuses anymore. We good. Hey, let’s go. They’re coming up fast! They coming up fast! They’re coming up fast. Get your call. It’s great to be in this system for so many years with the same guy. Hey, show something. Let’s show
something.Third down. Obviously, the new guys that we brought in are gonna be a huge to help us win football games [Expletive] Get that out! [Laughing] Yeah, get out! Get out! Next! 100%. We all gonna be better tomorrow bro. There’s things the offseason that I do to help strength, speed, and all that stuff Everyone wants to get stronger. Everyone wants to get faster, but it’s the little details of work. You know just continue to try to get an edge. And continue to work. At work, Jordan Poyer baits quarterbacks, but in his free time, he prefers to bait hooks. Jim, Mr. Fishman. Hey, Mr. Football man. Hey man, nice to meet you. Very nice to meet you. So, what kind of fishing do you do? I go out in the deep and deep-sea fish out
in Florida. You usually take a charter out there. And, then we catch
grouper, catch some pike. Well, you’re on a football team that’s on the best freshwater lake in the the world really. How far out do we go? We’re just gonna
go right there’s a little hole down near this grain elevator, and there’s some
fish there. We’ll see if we can catch a couple real quick. How much will you give me
if I jump in? Aw, nah. Nah, ain’t happening. Ain’t happening. We’ll see if you’re coachable. I heard you were. I would like to think I am. Alright, so what you want to do is just open that bale and drop her straight down the side here I’m gonna start. Just drop it? Yep. I just opened a bale to get to the bottom. And then, what you want to do is
just kind of lift it and drop it and feel. This area is an abundance of
smallmouth bass, walleye is great. The muskie get real real big. Just really
good fishing. I’ve never been fishing out here. This is really nice, especially a beautiful day
like today. There’s a feeling in catching a fish, especially a big one. Are you getting bit? Yeah. Just give
it a left. Yes sir Mr. Buffalo Bill! Oh. Sheepshead. [Laughter] Look at that! There’s a fish. That is a fish. I got this one. Yeah. I visualized myself catching other fish,
catching a bigger fish, matter of fact. It’s gonna happen. Watch. Pressure’s on. Its fourth quarter. Fourth quarter. I gotta make a play. So, what one play would be the
most memorable play you ever had in football? Obviously, I think in the pros it would probably be my pick six against Tom Brady. It is intercepted at the twenty yard line by Jordan Poyer. Runs to his left. He’s got an escort. At the ten. At the five. Into the end zone. Touchdown. Touchdown. That’s still a moment that I’ll cherish forever. I’ll probably never forget. [Cheering] Get this out of the way. Oh, he’s right there. It’s a nice one. Ooh. Okay. Ohhhh [Laughter] What’d I do wrong? Nothing. He just came loose. Oh no way. That was the star of the show too. Hey that was the video right there. Holy cow. [Excited] Oh! Oh! Oh! Jordan, all right it’s a nice one. Alright Mr. Poyer let’s do this this time. He’s got those soft hands. [Celebratory Howl] [Laughter] Oh! He’s heavy. There he is. Got ’em. Star of the show. Hey wait, let’s do a selfie. What are you naming him? This one There we go, That’s a wrap. Thanks man. A tug on fishing line is fun
and games. But tugging a rope against teammates, oh, that’s war. Alright, stay outside now. Stay outside. First one. Give me six. Got six. Hands on the rope. Don’t pick it up. On the whistle. [Whistle Blows] [Ferocious Shouting] Pull. [Whistle Blows] [Relentless yowling] [End whistle blows] [Whistle blows] [End whistle blows] [Whistle blows] [Final Whistle] [Celebrating] [Howling] Team bonding is important, but real chemistry is developed at practice. Spring football was especially crucial
for players like Taron Johnson and Matt Milano who ended last season on injured
reserve and spent the winter rehabbing in buffalo with team trainers. Quick. Quick. Quick. Fast. Faster. Faster. Move your feet. Move your feet. [Panting] [Expletive] I tore my labrum in the first game of the
season, but I mean it’s great being able to have
somewhere to work. And they take real good care of me here. So, I know I’m on the right track with my shoulder And I’m gonna be back on the field in a minute. Feels good. Two more. I’ve just been doing a lot of
self-reflection and self-evaluation and things I can get better on and what I
want to do moving forward here. First thing was we started off with some
cutting drills. Those are new to me. We’ve been only running straight at the last
three weeks, so to get that in and be successful
with that was a good start. I want to do something special here
and help the team do something special, so that’s just something I’m focused on
is trying to master my craft. Last time you started with five. We’re all working together as one. One family and one goal is to get me back to the level
I was playing at before. It’s a good choice if you want to stay here you know you can’t do
no wrong being here because they gonna make sure we’re in shape and the
training rooms gonna make sure I’m healthy. I’m just continuing to build on
things we did today. Continue to get faster continue to get stronger and then build that into OTAs. [Music playing] Come on. Come on. Come on. You got a red jersey on right? I was just diving for the ball. I know. Don’t dive. Oh yeah. [Grunting] Okay, you see that small surface
that you gave yourself? Yeah. You want to hit that right here. See that? Hey, just a six-inch punch. There you go. Come on. Come on. Come on. Oh okay, I was about to say it took him
forever to throw that thing. Fully recovering from an injury
requires patience, but the reward can be a longer career. Still, only a select few celebrate their 36 birthdays in the huddle. Alright, where’s Zo? [Cheering] [Singing Happy Birthday] This special right here. Being around you guys, being at the facility, getting to know a lot of you guys and your families is really special man. so let’s do
big this year, big things. Ball out on three. One, two. three. Ball out. Linebacker. Lorenzo Alexander has found a true home in Buffalo. His 4th NFL city. Last winter, he fully embraced local culture and became
a hockey dad to his son Mason. New sport. Try something
new while we are in Buffalo. He wanted to play it, so why not get
involved here. I grew up in Northern California. So obviously, we had like
the San Jose Sharks, but that wasn’t part of my world
at all. Being in Oakland, San Jose was probably 30 minutes away. It might as well have been six hours away. We just never went down there, and I never really was exposed to it. But, I became a fan when I was in Washington.
Love the Caps. So, I got into the sport and have a lot of respect for hockey players and their
ability to skate around, be athletic, be physical on a slippery surface. I
don’t get it I can’t skate so to have my son out here and see how fast he picks
it up and gets out here. He skates fairly well. He’s probably skated four or five
times and so it’s just fun to see him do different things and immerse him in different cultures because this is going to make him a better person
and a better athlete overall. In his mind I think he thought it was
gonna be like that was easy, I can run. boom-boom-boom-boom
you get on this ice and he said “Uhhh I’m alright.” I enjoy this. My mom did when I was growing up, coming all my things, bringing me. And
obviously playing ball still I miss out on some of those experiences and this is
what it’s all about, you know. Coming to support your kids, help them out, and as long as they’re having fun and trying their best at getting better I mean there’s nothing
better. How many interceptions
you guys throwing me today? I’m mic’d up so I need
y’all to help me out have a good day. I need a good day. Oh hey man, I thought you were supposed to
be taking my son goalie to school man. Nah, I saw you talking on twitter. You supposed to reach out to me. No, you supposed to reach out to me because you know I’m the best goalie. No, you supposed to reach out to your boy man. I gotta get out of it
halter top jersey though man. That was just too high for me. You don’t like it? Nah that’s right up your alley. You know I came up in the 90s man. Hell yeah I’m mic’d up, so I’m gonna talk trash to you. You gon’ talk back? You gonna talk back? You came over to tell me that because I’m mic’d up? No, I didn’t see that seriously. Test one, two. Test one, two. D. Yeah, don’t float. When you get your drop you want to be
right here if you end up back here, you’re giving him access in here. You want to
get him out here. It’s like that six inch
punch we’re talking about right? Biggest thing I’m trying to help with young guys is trying to help them with the learning
curve. Hey good job man. Hey don’t even touch the quarterback. A lot of guys are skilled, but just the pressures and the stresses of
this lifestyle can really be counterproductive to who you are as a
football player. Alright fellas. Good week of work. We gotta learn to take care of each other on this field. I love the competitive nature, but we got to take care
we can’t have guys hurt. We gotta have all our guys
if we want to go where we want to go this year. Here we go. Family on three. One, two, three. Family. Me and Nick we’re usually like
one of the last ones in because we’re doing some extra technical stuff outside
and we’ll come in and there’s usually guys on the jug machine so we’ll just
come over and shoot a couple hoops. Alright, first shot. Ohhh. Gimmie that P. What do you guys normally play to? P.I.G. Just P.I.G. You know it’s not it’s competitive but we
kind of just leave it at that like okay you won that game so you got first shot
for the next game. Come on give me a roll! Oh that’s off. Window to the wall. You guys are seeing possibly our lowest shooting percentage of all time. For the win. Okay. Count it. Ah. Let’s go. My legs are so gassed right now. Dad’s not missing right now. Dad’s not missing right now! Give it to him! WATER! Steph who? Steph who? Why you gonna end it with that one? There’s
no shame in some first-year guys getting schooled by a vet. But the Bills have a
veteran who’s younger than most rookies second-year standout Tremaine Edmunds. Touch the money a little bit. Yeah, let’s go to work. Have a purpose. Let’s go. Can’t just talk about it. We gotta be about it. Team on three. One. Two. Three. Team Get the ball. Tremaine. You three. Game situations. Hey let’s go D. Let’s go D. At 20 years old, Edmunds led Buffalo with
a 121 tackles on the League’s second-ranked defense. Fellow 2018 team draft choice Harrison Phillips wasn’t worried about a defensive slide. Baseball slide. Get ready for the softball game. I think it’s huge for our defense especially when we return 10 of 11
starters then go draft a guy like Ed. It’s great to have all of us back. We were the number two defense
in the NFL last year, so obviously we trying to
build on that. Hey let’s go guys we got to turn up.
We got to keep playing. Let’s go. You won’t get it unless you go full speed. Us four against their five any day baby. Yeah buddy. Yeah buddy. Here we go. Hey look at the back of Ed’s head. Tell me don’t look like a frying pan hit it. Nah, nah, nah. Look at it, he said the same thing. [Expletive] you talking about boy? [Laughter] I gotta get a better angle. When you dealing with 40 man he like Shady man.
You gotta run to the hip. Defensively, great job taking the ball away. Offensively, we have to take care of the football. We don’t give up that football. I sit back and take all the comments
and notes they have. You know any little thing that
they say to me just kind of take a little bit everything and you know put
it to my game so I can be the best player I can be. Edmunds used every resource available to
feed his football education, including a lunch meeting with former Bills
linebacker London Fletcher. How many years ago did you play here again? 16 years. Undrafted too? Division III school. I got a question for you if that’s straight Yeah yeah So what was your mindset every
day you showed up in the building being a middle linebacker everybody relying on
you. What’s your mindset showing up to work every day? My mindset was I had to
know my stuff like I had to know my stuff because everybody’s relying on me
especially from a defensive standpoint.
So you as a middle linebacker, that’s your job to command and demand the best
from your players your teammates each and every practice. Man I challenge my
guys, I get in their face but I also challenge myself too. What’d you do training wise
leading up to the season? I do up in that weight
room and I hit it hard I hit it hard man and uh you know
keeping my quickness keeping my speed still but you know my main focus was get
stronger. You know my biggest question is what do you think separated you
from all the other guys when you was playing? Just how I took care of my body
the film study, the preparation, the commitment to my teammates, to my team
you know. And just wanting to always play my best. You know the standards is up
here. Always you know trying to play to that level, to that standard. What’s been your kind of mindset
going into this next year? Leadership man I got to take that next step you know a lot of guys you know the
work that I put in I feel like they respect it and you know now it’s about
me just bringing more guys along. Demand that huddle even more you know just building trust from everybody. Let’s go. Come out here with a vision let’s get better. LBs on three. One. Two. Three. LBs. I’m just trying to take that next up to be the best
player out there that I can be. Being the best you can be requires focus, determination and a willingness to learn from those who have come before you. But whether you’re the teacher
or the student, the learning never stops. Every new experience is an exercise in self-discovery. Showing you who you are
and who you need to be. And when who you are is a Buffalo Bill, lesson number one
is understanding who you represent. Guys, I’m not gonna talk to you long. You play for this team, you play in this city. You’re the new breed of men
that’s gonna carry a torch for a community that it matters to. What’s up guys? Jordan Poyer here. To watch more episodes of Embedded click here. To subscribe click here.

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  8. David Sills was such an amazing player for WVU! he’ll do great things if he’s given the chance. sending love from WVπŸ’™πŸ’›

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