13 thoughts on “Fists Fly After Youth Baseball Game In Plano

  1. It's just a shame for the kids that they couldn't enjoy award ceremony as much as they would have otherwise. Police were there interviewing people for a long time. Great undefeated season Rangers! Everything, but this, made for a very positive season. This was the first violent incident I have seen in PSA over many seasons.

  2. The assistant coach is a hot head he shouldn't be around people , he's also a looser crybaby piece of shit.

  3. Do stupid things. Win stupid prizes. Dad was out of line for saying "2nd place aint bad" and taunting the losing team. Coach was out of line for fighting in front of the kids. Both deserved a fist in the mouth. End of discussion.

  4. What a pathetic piece of shit this not the way to act when your are suppose to be the example !! This man has no business around kids or anything to do with school activity !!

  5. Lmao goes around to meet the coach to mutually engage in fighting, doesnt win, then wants the guy arrested. What a clown.

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