Five Keys To Baseball Mental Toughness

do you know the importance of canceling out and putting negative thoughts out of your mind stay tuned Hello welcome to Baseball Player University I’m Jeff Forney your host of baseball player university great subject today mental toughness Jim Murphy is talking about the five key things that help us with mental toughness we always talk about being mentally tough he’s going to give you some pointers to help get those negative thoughts out of your head and and think positive thinking now and think about you as a player in the future great stuff let’s go ahead and join him so we have five tools for being mentally tough the first tool we have is quieting the mind learning how to handle all those thoughts that are going to come on the bases are loaded you got a 3-2 count against that batter or when you’re up hitting quieting the mind is really crucial because you’re going to have a lot of negative thoughts are going to come after you your there’s going to be your subconscious is going to remind you of past failures that you’ve had you say you’ve given up a hit to this guy or you struck out against this pitcher last time it’s going to remind you those things so you got to learn how to combat that and these are things that you’re going to do daily mental conditioning things that you’re going to do and one of the first thing we do is we quiet the mind quieting the mind takes a lot of practice off the field you got to learn how to to do long slow deep breathing that’s an important thing long slow deep breaths going to learn how to it will help you slow down your heart rate and get you in place where you can anchor those positive thoughts it will also help you with you journal journaling is running down your thoughts of of how you were when you played your very best of things that you thought things that you did and also when you played your worst want to know how you what you thought what you did during those moments so we can help get you into that zone where you play your very best the second thing is visualization we need to have a clear picture of where you want to be when you’re throwing that pitch what you want to have happen hitting that glove getting that batter out and we don’t want to throw that pitch until we have that clear picture and that clear thought in her mind so that’s number three is affirmations and self-talk affirmations are positive statements about yourself about who you want to be in the future as if it were true today for example i’m a great two strike hitter or I throw a wicked curveball with a nasty break or I had lots solid line drives gap to gap those are affirmations that we want to use and those are that’s also called self-talk you talking to yourself 24 hours a day seven days a week what are you saying when you’re talking to yourself you’ve got to make sure that you know what you’re saying and that’s really helping you when you’re on the field ok the fourth tool we’re going to use in developing mental toughness is controlling negative thoughts and emotions you have to realize that baseball is a game full of failure and your biggest opponent is always going to be yourself so what does that mean that means with that there’s gonna be times when you’re going to be expected to throw that pitch or get that clutch base hit in a in a pressure situation with the game on the line or you feel like that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders so how do you control your negative thoughts and emotions those are important things that you need to learn how to do if you want to be mentally tough the fifth thing is routines having routine is going to help you get into that that so when you play your very best that’s where you get mentally tough because you’re that’s going to help you look at like a mentally tough player when you have routines that help you get into the zone a routine that before you throw that pitch between innings you’re going to take a couple long slow deep breaths and you’re going to do a couple things are going to help you get into that zone when you’re when you’re on deck there’s going to be something that you’re going to do the same way every time habits habits of thought you’re gonna have one thought in your mind when you’re hitting and one thought in your mind before you throw that pitch and then one picture in your mind before you throw that pitch so these routines are going to help you get into that zone and become mentally tough so daily mental conditioning on and off the field is going to help you develop mental toughness hey that’s our show for the week some more great information coming right at you hey keep sending those emails and our website make sure you visit until next week His Peace always and remember this is baseball player university with the field is your classroom

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