FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S | Freddy ate LD! | Sister Location Hide and Seek

Aphmau:Jordan: Aww.
Adam: Wait, somebody’s laughing as if they saw that happen. Adam: Where are you? Adam: Where are you?
Jordan: Hmm… Jordan: Mmm… Lizzie: Aphmau, where you at? Aphmau: (shouting) Nooo!
Adam: Are you kidding me?
Lizzie: I know you’re hiding, but… Aphmau: No! Adam: Are you kidding me? Jordan: What was she? What was she? Jordan: Oh, what?
Adam: What is this? Adam: She doesn’t even have the right head.
Lizzie: Can you see me? I’m dead. Aphmau:I’m dead! Aphmau: Those seven years of training worked! Aphmau: Hey, guys. Aphmau here, and welcome to Five Nights at Fre— Aphmau: FNAF. Sorry. Jordan: FNAphmau.
Aphmau: Sister Lo—Aphmau: FNAphmau Sister Location. Aphmau: Today, we are playing Hide and Seek, Aphmau: and I am joined by the lovely Jordan, the lovely Sky, and the lovely LD. Aphmau: Sha—uh, er.
Jordan: I’m the only one who gets— Jordan: I’m the only one who gets, like, my name.
Aphmau: I’m joined by Jordan, Aphmau: Adam, and Lizzie.
Adam: I actually changed my name. Aphmau: To Adam?
Adam: Uh, I—I’d like to be referred to as DJ Squishy from now on. Aphmau: DJ Squish.
Lizzie: A good choice.
DJ Squishy: So, like… DJ Squishy: If we could just start that sooner rather than later.
Aphmau: Alright. I— Aphmau: I’m joined by DJ Squishy, Jordan,
Adam: Make it really catch on. Aphmau: and Lizzie. DJ Squishy: There we go, thank you. Jordan: I’m—I’m actually known as, uh, Sparklybutt. Aphmau: Sparklybutt.
DJ Squishy: I love you, CaptainSpanklez. Lizzie:
Aphmau: Spanklez. I like it.
Sparklybutt: Yeah. Aphmau:Aphmau: Anyway, guys, remember: like this episode? Aphmau: Leave a like, comment, and subscribe to only me. Aphmau: Nobody else. DJ Squishy: Fine, whatever. I didn’t want to.
Sparklybutt: That’s not—that’s not very nice. Aphmau:I’m just kidding. Aphmau: Subscribe to everyone, guys.
DJ Squishy: I don’t even want subscribers. DJ Squishy: Oh my gosh. Everybody, be ready. DJ Squishy: This is going to—uh.
Sparklybutt: Okay. DJ Squishy: Ready for Freddy, am I right?
Lizzie: Oh. Aphmau:
Lizzie: I see what you did there.
Sparklybutt: Yeah.
DJ Squishy: I don’t know who I am. Aphmau: You’re not Freddy, you’re—you’re baby.
Adam: I’m that one person. DJ Squishy: I’m Power Ranger. Aphmau: Doo doo do doo do do do do Sparklybutt: Oh god, he’s been released.
DJ Squishy: Oh, I thought you were about to do the, like, Mario noises. DJ Squishy: Like, I’m a Pow—
Aphmau: No!
Sparklybutt:Aphmau: I was— hey. Let me talk to you for a second. Lizzie: Wait, you got found already?
Aphmau: Can I talk to you? DJ Squishy: Remember this. DJ Squishy: Remember this. DJ Squishy: Alright. Aphmau:DJ Squishy: Did you remember it? Because I’m comin’ up. DJ Squishy:Aphmau: No. Aphmau: No. DJ Squishy: Whoa, I can climb faster than you.
Aphmau: No. DJ Squishy: What are you gonna do? Run away? Aphmau: Nooo!
DJ Squishy: Jess, this is your—come on. DJ Squishy: Come on, Jess. Aphmau:
DJ Squishy: Juke me or something. Come on. Aphmau: Okay, look. There’s some bread. DJ Squishy: Oh my god, wow. DJ Squishy:DJ Squishy: Wait a minute. DJ Squishy: Is this some kind of distraction? Aphmau: Distraction is imminent!
DJ Squishy: Oh, wait. You’re actually gone. DJ Squishy: Wait, you’re actually gone. Sparklybutt: Did you get juked? DJ Squishy: I got juked from bread. Lizzie: Oh bad.
DJ Squishy: I love bread. DJ Squishy: Oh my god. I fell too. DJ Squishy: Ehhh. DJ Squishy: Everybody, where you’s at? DJ Squishy: Everybody’s gon—about to get tagged. DJ Squishy: Tag y’all. Aphmau: You shouldn’t have let me go, Adam. Aphmau: Now I have the most obsolete—I mean…uh. DJ Squishy: Obsolete?
Aphmau:Optimizable place… DJ Squishy: I have the worst spot ever.
Lizzie: That’s the opposite.
Sparklybutt: I have the most obsolete Sparklybutt: spot you’ve ever seen in your life.
Aphmau:Aphmau: Look, I wanted to do some really cool, like Aphmau: you know, anime pose kinda with my glasses thing Aphmau: cause I’m doing facecam. Aphmau: So I really wanted to look like I had—I was so cool! But I messed up. DJ Squishy:
Lizzie:DJ Squishy: You shouldn’t have let me go, rival, DJ Squishy: because now, after several years of training,
Aphmau: Exac— DJ Squishy: I’ve become the strongest fighter you’ll ever be able to…see. DJ Squishy: See.
Aphmau: Your mistake was when you let me go. DJ Squishy: Your mistake was when you let me go and train for seven years in the hyperbolic time chamber. Sparklybutt: Oh, so you mean, like, seven hours, then. Aphmau: Yeah, it was only seven hours. DJ Squishy:DJ Squishy: I can’t—I can’t hit you.
DJ Squishy:Sparklybutt: Aw.
DJ Squishy: Wait, somebody’s laughing as if they saw that happen. DJ Squishy: Where are you? DJ Squishy: Where are you?
Sparklybutt: Hmm… Sparklybutt: Mmm…. Lizzie: Aphmau, where you at? Aphmau: (shouting) No!
DJ Squishy: Are you kidding me? Lizzie: I know you’re hiding, but… Aphmau: No! DJ Squishy: Are you kidding me? Sparklybutt: What was she? DJ Squishy: She’s this!
Sparklybutt: Oh, what? Lizzie: Can you see me? I’m dead.
DJ Squishy: She doesn’t even have the right head. Aphmau: I’m dead! Aphmau: Those seven years of training worked! Aphmau: It’s me, guys. Aphmau: Oh, I see you, Freddy Fazbear. I see where you’re goin’. Lizzie: Well, look for the Freddy Fazbear elsewhere.
Aphmau: Don’t worry. Sparklybutt: That was a sick rhyme.
DJ Squishy: Wow.
Aphmau: Mmm. Lizzie: I know.
Aphmau: I swear, Lizzie… Sparklybutt: Are you starting a new, uh, career in rap? Lizzie: I—I mean, I’m already there, my friend.
Sparklybutt: Oh wow. Sparklybutt: Do you have a channel for it, or where’s it goin’? Lizzie: That was a joke. I—I don’t rap. Aphmau: I kinda—
DJ Squishy: Yo.
Sparklybutt: I—I— Sparklybutt: I know it was a joke.
DJ Squishy: Yo. Sparklybutt: I was just going along with it. Geez.
Lizzie:Lizzie: Oh. It’s called L-Dizzle. Lizzie: That’s the channel.
Aphmau:That’s beautiful.
DJ Squishy: Really?
Sparklybutt: That was nice. Aphmau: What’s your first track? What’s your first track, Lizzie? Lizzie: Uh, uh…”Adam’s about to find me” is my first track. DJ Squishy: I’m on your team. Don’t worry.
Aphmau:DJ Squishy: So I’m just gonna to sit here.
Sparklybutt: That’s a horrifying track.
Lizzie: O—okay. Aphmau: I thought it was gonna be “Yuh Muh Buddy”.
DJ Squishy: Alright. Don’t—don’t get us caught. Lizzie: Okay, yeah, you be—you just be real sneaky right there. Lizzie: And, uh, she’ll never find us. DJ Squishy: Okay, yeah, don’t get us caught. Don’t mess this up. Lizzie: Oh no. Oh! Lizzie: Oh. DJ Squishy: Don’t mess this up. Lizzie: Okay. DJ Squishy: This is the point in—
Lizzie: I think we’ve got it. I don’t think she knows that we’re here. DJ Squishy: We have to really just commit.
Aphmau:Lizzie: Mmhmm. Lizzie: Yeah.
DJ Squishy: She’s right there! Get her! Lizzie: Not me. Not I. Aphmau:
Lizzie: Aww. Sparklybutt: Ohhh, dear.
Aphmau: Your first mistake, Adam, was letting me go Aphmau: those seven minutes ago. Aphmau: Well, actually, it was six—it was six minutes a— Aphmau: Wait, I gotta wait seven minutes before I actually tag him Aphmau: because that’s the time on my video.
DJ Squishy: It’s like— DJ Squishy: It’s like T-Rex. It’s like a T-Rex.
Lizzie: Okay. I’ll keep an eye on him in the meanwhile. Aphmau: Aaa! DJ Squishy: It’s like—no! Lizzie: Ohh. Ohhhh. You got a baby.
DJ Squishy: Welb bleh ble I’m a baby. Sparklybutt: Oh, am I the last one left?
Aphmau:Lizzie: You are. Sparklybutt: Hold on. Hold on. I gotta give— Sparklybutt: I gotta give a bit of a thing. Hold on one sec. Lizzie: A victory thing? (static-y voice) You’re the last one left. Complete the mission.
Lizzie: Oh! Aphmau: Wow. Aphmau: That’s fancy.
Sparklybutt: That was—that was— DJ Squishy: I love—I love Overwatch Duty Call of. Sparklybutt: That’s Call of Duty, not Overwatch, okay? DJ Squishy: I love Halo Duty Call Overwatch.
Sparklybutt: Call of Halo. Lizzie: Okay, we’ve got—we’ve got almost the whole party here. Aphmau: Ugh. Ugh.
DJ Squishy: I feel like we’re running out of time if we’re gonna do anything.
Lizzie: Yep. Lizzie: Yep. Where y—where you at, Aphmau? Aphmau: I’m here. I’m here. I’m right here. I’m right here. I’m right here. Aphmau: Here.
Lizzie: Okay. Okay. Lizzie: Um, let’s check out the armor room. Aphmau: Oh.
Lizzie: From the first… Lizzie: thing that we do. Lizzie: In the—wait, where’d he go? Lizzie: He must’ve gone up! DJ Squishy: He went up! Lizzie: I had him!
Aphmau: He went up!
Sparklybutt:Sparklybutt: Shoot, no.Aphmau: What? Aphmau: What?
Lizzie: I had you
DJ Squishy: No. Lizzie: and I let you escape. Sparklybutt:Lizzie: I even closed him in there and everything. Aphmau: Wow, that was a juke for the ages.
Lizzie: Dang it.
DJ Squishy: Oh my god. DJ Squishy: What an escape. DJ Squishy: That was—
Lizzie: Wow. Sparklybutt: Thank you. I try. DJ Squishy: 10 out of 10. Sparklybutt: Ooh.
DJ Squishy: Best Hide and Seek. Aphmau: No!Sparklybutt: What has happened? Lizzie: Uhhh I found— Lizzie: Ohhh.
Sparklybutt:Well, you’re gotten. Sparklybutt: Alright, who else? Who else? Aphmau: No!
DJ Squishy: Don’t get caught. Sparklybutt: Oh, you got her already? Sparklybutt: Wow.
Lizzie: I’mma let you— Lizzie: I’m gonna count to ten, and I will let you go.
Aphmau: I was at the entrance. I like— Aphmau: Okay. Aw.
Lizzie: Uhp. Never mind.Aphmau: Jordan was just like “Nope”.
Sparklybutt: Alright, and then there was one. Aphmau: Huh? Sparklybutt: What did you say? DJ Squishy: What? Sparklybutt: What? Aphmau: I think Adam said… Aphmau: Skittles? Aphmau: I don’t know. DJ Squishy: I said all my friends are dying. Aphmau: Oh.
Lizzie: Oh nooo. Lizzie: Well, he wasn’t in the back room.
Sparklybutt: Okay, well, have you checked— Sparklybutt: Have you checked the spot that he…he did that was really good that you now know? DJ Squishy: Don’t do that!
Aphmau: I’m go— DJ Squishy: Don’t do that. Don’t—
Aphmau: I—I’m going. DJ Squishy: Don’t do that.
Sparklybutt: Don’t do it. DJ Squishy: Don’t do that. Don’t—what you said. DJ Squishy: Hey. Aphmau:DJ Squishy:
Lizzie:Sparklybutt: I’m glad that I had to suggest that one. Aphmau: No, I was already on my—I was already en route. Aphmau: For that one.
Sparklybutt: Okay. Aphmau: I was just really happy because I was like “it’s Adam”.
Sparklybutt: Sugg-jess Sparklybutt: Sugg-jess it? Sparklybutt: ‘Cause—’cause your name is Jess. Aphmau:Good one.
Sparklybutt: No? That’s, uh…I like puns. Aphmau: Good one, Jordan.
Sparklybutt: Thanks. Aphmau: Sparklez. You sparked my mind with your…thought.
DJ Squishy: In my many years—my many years DJ Squishy: of, uh, Hide and Seek, I’ve always learned that intimidation is best— DJ Squishy: Aww. Lizzie:
Sparklybutt: Wow. DJ Squishy:
Sparklybutt: Alright. Sparklybutt: That was an effective strategy right there. DJ Squishy: It—it was pretty good. DJ Squishy: You know, sometimes, uh DJ Squishy: Sometimes, peop— DJ Squishy: No, Jess! No. Aphmau: No!
Lizzie: Where is she? Lizzie: No way. DJ Squishy:Aphmau: Why?
Lizzie: Did I pass that?
DJ Squishy: I’m, like climbing up the ladder, DJ Squishy: I’m climbing up the ladder, and I see her.
Aphmau: I had trained! Aphmau: Ugh. Aphmau: I had trained for seven years, but that spot… Lizzie:Aphmau: You broke my heart in seven seconds.
DJ Squishy: What a waste of seven years. Lizzie: Well, apparently you aren’t as stealthy as you thought. DJ Squishy: Seven years of your life down the toilet.
Aphmau: Well, Lizzie, I’m as… Aphmau: No, I’m not. Lizzie: Stealthy as a non-stealthy thing.
DJ Squishy: I’m with Star Boy. Sparklybutt: That’d be—that’d be sick to use the hyperbolic time chamber. Sparklybutt: I’d be down. DJ Squishy: I’d probably go crazy. Lizzie: Like, in real-life? Twenty-four hours?
Sparklybutt: Yeah, but… Lizzie: I don’t wanna lose a year.
Sparklybutt: But what if there was, like a— Sparklybutt: What if there was a bully that was gonna, like, beat you up?
Lizzie: What?Sparklybutt: And then you
Aphmau: A bully
Lizzie: And the best solution Lizzie: is to travel forward in time to get away. Lizzie: He’s still gonna be there in a year.
Sparklybutt: Yeah, but you then trained for a year
Aphmau: No, no no no no Aphmau: Train.
Lizzie: Ohhh.
Sparklybutt: And you show up to school the next day Sparklybutt: And you’re just, like, ripped, and—and then Sparklybutt: Yeah, and you just beat him into— Sparklybutt: Nope! Stop! Before you do anything… Sparklybutt: Before you do anything… Lizzie: Is that you? Sparklybutt: Before you—what? Lizzie: You look like a seeker.
DJ Squishy: Hit him. Lizzie: It’s like you’re disguised. Sparklybutt: Before you do anything… Sparklybutt: I can do something for you. Lizzie: I don’t want your money.
Aphmau: No! Don’t— Aphmau: Ah ha.
Sparklybutt: Wow. Sparklybutt: No, now you can’t have my money anymore.
Aphmau: Wow. Aphmau: Savage, Lizzie. Savage.
Lizzie:DJ Squishy: It happens sometimes. You lose control a lil bit. DJ Squishy: Um…
Sparklybutt: Yeah. DJ Squishy: Yep. DJ Squishy: Uh. Working on it.
Sparklybutt: That was a good—that was a good Macho Man impression.
Aphmau: Haaa. DJ Squishy: Thanks. Aphmau: Our old spot.
DJ Squishy: Hey. Sparklybutt: Don’t give stuff away.
Lizzie: Where is the old spot? DJ Squishy: What the heck? Aphmau: Huh? DJ Squishy: Just “Ahh, our old spot.”
Lizzie:Sparklybutt: Can you not—can you not— Sparklybutt: ruin me again? Sparklybutt: You’re gonna ruin me.
Aphmau:Sparklybutt: You’re gonna ruin—this is what it’s going to turn in to.
Aphmau: I have never ruined you! Aphmau: I have—okay, so…
Sparklybutt: You—what? What? Aphmau: Whose video was it that we did that in? I forget. Sparklybutt: Um…
Lizzie: Guys… Aphmau: What?
DJ Squishy: What? DJ Squishy: What? DJ Squishy: You wot? Aphmau: No, the one where I accidentally sold out Sparklez.
DJ Squishy: Everybody went silent. Aphmau:
Lizzie:DJ Squishy: Please. I know I’m hyperactive, but I can’t hold the whole commentary.
Aphmau: Shh. DJ Squishy:Sparklybutt: Can you just have a monologue the entire time? Aphmau: Yeah. Adam, I’m going to give you this one minute and fifty…
DJ Squishy: Hello, this, uh… Aphmau: three seconds to go and monologue. Go. DJ Squishy: Wow, this is a lot of pressure.DJ Squishy: Check out my channel! Check out all my social media! DJ Squishy: SkyDoesMinecraft! SkyDoesTweeting! Aphmau: SkyDoesTweeting?
Sparklybutt: Wow.
DJ Squishy: You can have, like, DJ Squishy: air time. DJ Squishy: SkyDoesTweeting, yeah. My Twitter.
Aphmau: Is that—is that your tweeter name? DJ Squishy: My tweeter, yeah. Sparklybutt: Subscribe to with a ‘z’.
Aphmau: Subscribe to my Twitter. Aphmau: Is it SkyDoesTwitter?
DJ Squishy:DJ Squishy: Yea. Aphmau: Really? Sparklybutt: It’s actually SkyDoesSparklez. Aphmau: Wow, I like that one.
DJ Squishy: Oh baby. I ship it. Aphmau: I did too, actually. Aphmau: It’s called SkySparklez. Aphmau: Skyklez. Aphmau: Skayklez!?Aphmau: Skanklez?
DJ Squishy: Skyklez? Sparklybutt: Skanklez? DJ Squishy:Sparklybutt:DJ Squishy: You’re gonna hear the cut. DJ Squishy: Like, you can hear the cut.
Sparklybutt: CaptainSpranklez? DJ Squishy: I’m just kidding.
Lizzie: Oh wow. Sparklybutt: I thought you didn’t see me Sparklybutt: but you—there’s no way you didn’t see her. Sparklybutt: Shoot. Lizzie: Let me see if you can actually see me, though. Lizzie: ‘Cause you’ve run past me a few times now.
DJ Squishy: So what now? Were you in there? Lizzie: Well, no, but you ran past me a good few times. Lizzie: I’m actually Freddy Fazbear right now. Aphmau:
DJ Squishy:DJ Squishy: I just beat the crap out of it. Aphmau:
Lizzie:Aphmau: Before she could finish us—
DJ Squishy: I just try to rip it open. Aphmau: Ah haaa! Aphmau: Ha ha ha ha ha. Sparklybutt: Ha ha. Ha ha. Lizzie:
Sparklybutt: You guys, uh…
Aphmau: I wasn’t gonnaSparklybutt: digging up dinosaurs? Heh hehh. Aphmau: (villain-like) Heh heh heh.
Lizzie: Oh no. Sparklybutt: Heh heh. Heh heh heh. DJ Squishy: Wow, she was—she was making a good break for it there.
Lizzie: Go, team, go. Lizzie:
Aphmau: Heh heh heh. Aphmau: Oh my god. That thing I was laugh. Just lol.
Aphmau: Okay, guys, so I gotta say buh-bye. Aphmau: This is my momma. And my papa. Aphmau: And my other papa. Lizzie:
Sparklybutt: Please…please never do this. Aphmau: And then, peace out.
DJ Squishy: Keep going. Aphmau: Be sure to leave a like,
Sparklybutt: Never. Aphmau: a comment, and subscribe. Aphmau: To the channel. Bye. Sparklybutt: I can’t.
Lizzie: Good one, son. Lizzie: I mean daughter.
Aphmau: (gruff) Thank you, father.

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