Fix low elbow throw – Help youth baseball players throw correctly.

How to help youth baseball players throw correctly. Fixing the low elbow thrower. When you coach rec ball, such as Little League,
some of your younger players will not have learned how to throw a ball correctly. One of the more difficult throwing motions
to fix is the low elbow throw. The best way to fix this is to not develop
it in the first place. Parents who play catch with their kids often
demonstrate the wrong throwing method because they don’t want to hurt the child by throwing
the ball hard, so they drop their elbow and lightly toss it. Very young children SEE how you throw and
emulate it. They learn motion primarily by observation
and copy. If you want to teach your son to throw, go
get some rocks and toss those suckers into a lake or something of that nature. This is a good example of how NOT to play catch with your son. Here is a grandpa teaching his toddler grandson
how to throw. Notice he stops to demonstrate the correct
throwing method, encourages HARD throws, and uses praise praise praise. It’s certainly more about FUN with grandpa,
but he didn’t miss an opportunity to demonstrate how to throw correctly. When throwing a baseball the players elbow
should cross at or above the shoulder. The further the throw the higher the elbow
typically is. What can you do to help that youth player
that keeps the elbow down? After all you can’t go back in time to fix
mistakes of the past. There are two primary methods I’ve found
very helpful. Use your arm or bat to create a barrier. Tell the player he needs to throw so that
his elbow doesn’t hit your arm or bat. Once they start to get the elbow up, they’ll
shock themselves at how much harder they just threw a baseball! The second thing I would do is to teach them
the Thumbs down motion. If their thumb is under the ball as they bring
it back, it’s very difficult to then drop the elbow. These two options together do wonders. The next key will be to repeat this throwing
motion correctly enough times to re-create a new muscle memory. Muscle memory is that part of your brain that
never forgets how to ride a bike. It took a lot of work to learn how to ride
a bike, but once you learn, your brain does all the work without you having to think about
it. With bad throwing mechanics, the brain learned
wrong and if they don’t think about it, they will revert back. Repetition of the correct motion is needed
enough times to re-write the connections in the brain that tells you how to throw a baseball. The longer and more often the player threw
wrong, the longer and harder it will be to fix it. IT CAN be done, but without also training
the parent or the person who can play catch with them (or throw rocks into lakes) they
won’t succeed because as a coach you simply don’t have that much time to dedicate to
one player. If you are the parent watching this, then
you probably have the time to work at it with a LOT of patience. There is no point being this guy…

4 thoughts on “Fix low elbow throw – Help youth baseball players throw correctly.

  1. Great video. I've been trying to correct my 10 year old's mechanics for the last 2 seasons. He started out great but got lazy and developed bad habits. We finally got him corrected again when he got that elbow up and heard the ball smack the glove and saw the difference in his velocity and accuracy.

  2. I taught my Grandson how to throw. He now throws a bistering hard fastball. He is only 8. I am now having to teach him how to throw just a tad slower so his first basemanl can catch it.
    He is a second base man. His last game he made a great stop of a hard hit ball…but muff it by throwing a lolipop to his firstbaseman. I told him I would rather see him throw hard
    than throw a lolipop ball .The Firstbaseman will just learn how to catch it. lol

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