FLICK SERVE Tutorial, Doubles and Singles, Badminton

In this video we are gonna talk about
the the flick serve in the doubles. The flick serve in the doubles is it’s a
really good variation combined with the short service. So actually when we are doing the flick serve everything has to look like we’re doing the short service. So the preparation before we hit the shuttle is exactly the same as the basic techniques in the double serve If you want to watch that video you can
find a link in the description. So the arms go up, the shuttle in the right
position and you have the right starting position like in the short service. Next thing I want to show you is the
rotation of the forearm and the finger power movement when we hit the shuttle.
So we need to be ready show our opponents that we want to do a
short service and just before hitting the shuttle we rotate a little bit in
our forearm and we use the finger power,
like this so we generate the power with very small movement. When I’m hitting the shuttle I’m
slightly moving my arms upwards and it’s really important that you don’t go too
high then it will be a fault serve, so you have to be right on the edge so when I’m
hitting it I want to hit it all the way up in the air behind our player all the
way to the doubles baseline so take a look at it one more time. One last thing is that I want to show
you a variation of this flick technique as you can see now I’m positioned more
like a single player so you can actually use the same technique as in the doubles
obviously you need to generate more power to get it all the way to the the
single baseline so you need to use the the finger power and a little bit of
bigger rotation in the forearm and also use a little bit more arm when you hit
the shuttle let’s let me show you Thanks for watching this video good luck at
practicing this on your own if you have any questions just please leave a
comment below.

50 thoughts on “FLICK SERVE Tutorial, Doubles and Singles, Badminton

  1. Please make a video for exercise of wrist for a stronger and efficient movement of wrist. Whoever agrees like this comment.

  2. Thank you very much, it is the Video I wished for a while ago. About the flick in Singles, do you always flick in the center of the half court you are aiming for ? you guys rock

  3. The theme these days must be the same – great to see that players like you also focus on the importance of the FLICK SERVE – just like us 💪

  4. can u please make a video on, when the flick serve is called fault by services judge, what are the mistakes we should not do at the time of flick serve

  5. What about the fixed height rule? If you go by the old rule of the lowest rib as the maximum height then well and good, but what about fixed height?

  6. I can see that in the demo the racket has pointed in upwards direction often. Isnt that considered illegal? Also could you take us through all aspects of a legal singles and doubles service and make a video.. PLEASE

  7. If there is more movement in the arms and shoulder while doing a flick serve . Is it a fault??? @badminton famly

  8. Hi Thomas and Rasmus. Nice video as always 😀 Just want to ask something because I think you forgot to mention it on your video 🙂 What/Where is the best location of the string bed should we hit the shuttle? Thanks! 🙂

  9. Is it good to create a sudden jerk in the wrist while doing the flick serve….Is it a fault?…Thanks in advance

  10. I have a big doubt which none of the videos clear me. Please help. Some call the flick serve as fault for the racket movements. I clearly see u too move your racket in backward direction instead of a single forward direction isnt it a fault???

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