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– Let’s go on a Florida Keys road trip. (upbeat music) We took a road trip from Fort Lauderdale to the Florida Keys. These are the very best
things to do in Key West with a few stops along the way. (upbeat music) We’re at Dobbies on Islamorada Key here and it’s a great stop on
your way down to Key West. Now of course, water sports. You can feed the tarpon when you’re here. You can go jet skiing, and parasailing, and all kinds of stuff. And it’s a really cool, funky place. There’s some cafes and restaurants, and you just gotta spend some time here. (upbeat music) (cheering) – When you come to the Keys, make sure to hook up
with Sundance Watersports and check out the parasail. – That’s gonna be us! ‘Kay babe, you ready? – Oh, I’m ready! It’s gonna be awesome. – We’re off! (yelling) – It feels absolutely amazing. It’s like smooth, it’s like butter, going up’s like butter, and man, this is a way to
get a view of the Keys. – [Woman] There are many places to go parasailing in the Florida Keys, and we loved our time
with Sundance Watersports. The guides were safe,
fun, and experienced. It felt like a true adventure as we soared high over the Florida Keys. What a really trifle way to get up and see the Keys and the ocean. It’s just fantastic. And they even gave us a little
foot dip to end our tour. Woo-hoo! (laughing) Woo-hoo! – It was a great ride,
beautiful views over the Keys. Ya can’t beat it, ya gotta go parasailing. (bouncy music) – All right, the big thing to do here is to feed the tarpon. But it takes a few tries to
get it right, that’s for sure. (splashing) (shrieking) We’re feed- oh my God! We’re feeding the tarpon and
the pelican took my fish. Do not lose sight of your fish. We’re feed- oh my. Okay, when you’re feeding the tarpon keep your eye on your fish, because it is war out here, it’s war! Here we go, I’m nervous. (shrieking) Whoa! I felt it, I felt it right here. (soft music) We’re in Key West with Honest Eco, and we are going dolphin spotting and snorkeling and kayaking. It’s a great day on the water. Honest Eco is the first of
its kind in the Florida Keys. Captain Billy Litmer
founded Honest Eco tours with the vision of sustainability. He designed and created the first electric catamaran of its kind in the entire United States. And he takes passengers on an Eco tour focusing on conservation and developing an appreciation
for the environment. This tour has all of the best things to do in Key West all in one day tour. It’s time for kayaking. So they have a really great system here. We’re meeting up with the kayaks
that are already out here. It’s really easy for us. We just have to hop on in and go! (drifty music) Okay, I’m out on the kayak with
my trusty guide Brady here. Dave’s on shore, or on the boat. (laughing) He’s taking the day
off ’cause of his back, as you all know, but that’s okay because
he’ll be back in action soon. It’s just a beautiful day, kayaking along the mangroves here, and watching the cormorants take off. It’s really peaceful. So peaceful. Wow, so we’ve had some really
great wildlife spotting here. We’ve seen a stingray, we’ve seen a bonnethead shark, and now we’ve seen two frigate birds. Not bad. – At Honest Eco everything
is organic as well. Go snorkeling in the Florida Keys! – [Woman] The Floria Keys has the only living
reef system in the U.S. and they are working
hard at preserving it. We didn’t see a lot of marine life during our snorkeling tour, but the waters of Key West are warm and we did manage to spot a stingray, some lobsters, and colorful fish. Plus it’s just fun to get in the water. Don’t go home without
getting in the water. If you’re looking for a place for sunset, Mallory Square is the place to be. There’s a big crowd
though, so get here early. But there’s street
performers, there’s shops. A little street vendors
and everything out here, and it’s a great view of the sunset. We’re heading out on a
Hydrobikes tour here in Key West. And it looks like a lot of fun and a cool way to watch the sun set. (drifty music) – Well, we’re on these like
pedal bikes, kind of cool. You know, it’s a different
way to see the sunset out here in Key West, and wow, it’s gonna be a beautiful one. – There are a lot of different ways to get out on the water in Key West. There’s the Schooner Tour,
there’s a sunset cruise, there’s the booze cruise,
and the Hydrobikes. So when you are out here, you do wanna go and do a sunset sail or something just to get on the water. All right, so the way you turn is one person goes backwards,
the other goes forward. It’s really easy. – They’re easy to control, comfortable. Funner way to spend a
little bit of time out here. – All right, we are going
to do some mojito making tonight at the Key West Distillery. When in Key West, everybody drinks. The Key West first legal rum distillery is located in a historic
building dating back to 1900. It was originally Jack’s Saloon and then it was turned into
the Coca Cola Bottling Center. There’s lots of memorabilia and when you book a distillery tour, you can view the way the rum is made and then finish off by learning how to make an authentic Cuban marjito. – So this is how a
mojito’s supposed to taste. We’ll see how we do. (bouncy music) – We are making mojitos. And the first thing we do, this is the Key West fist. Two scoops of sugar. Okay, the next ingredient
is Kermit’s Key Lime Juice. And it’s a half an
ounce that goes in next. – Next step is the swirl and the smell. Mm, smelling good already. – Okay, it’s the most
important ingredient right now, besides the rum, of course. That would be the mint. Now I like a lot of mint, so I’m gonna take just
a couple more, one more. It’s a minty mojito. – A really important part is the modeling. You have to do it at least 20 times, and grind it into the bottom of the glass. This is super important. Woo, I’m workin’ for my drink here. – Okay, the next two ingredients are the rum, of course,
and then the seltzer. It’s seltzer or soda water. And then the swirl is the most important. So we’re gonna scoop it around, and you have to dance, oh yeah. – And that’s how you make a mojito. (bouncy music) – One thing you’ll see here in Key West are a lot of chickens. They’re famous for the chickens
just roamin’ around town. There are many things to
keep you busy in Key West. Make sure to go bar
hopping along Duval Street and listen to live music. Key West is also filled
with historic buildings like Truman’s Little White House, the southern most point
in the continental U.S. And of course Ernest Hemingway’s house. From 1931 to 1939 Hemingway called Key West home. This national historic
site is worth a visit to see how Hemingway lived and to meet the Hemingway cats. The Hemingway cats are
famous for their six toes. There are nearly 50 descendants of Hemingway’s own six-toed
cat named Snow White. He named all of his
cats after famous people and the tradition continues today. (upbeat music) ♪ Headin’ on the Conch Train ♪ – [Woman] The Conch Train
is a popular attraction led by engineers who give commentary while driving you through all of the major Key West attractions. It’s a great way to get your bearings and decide where to go next. The tour is 75 minutes long and it’s easy. You just sit back, relax,
and enjoy the ride. Our final stop takes
us to the Dry Tortugas located 70 miles off
the coast of the Keys. It is one of the most
remote national parks in the United States and makes
for an excellent day trip. We went there on a
previous trip to Key West and didn’t take video then, but we wanted to include it, because it is a must do
when visiting Key West. It has one of the best
beaches in the Florida Keys and an excellent historic fort to explore. – Woo! Now that was fun! – [Woman] When heading back
to Fort Lauderdale or Miami, be sure to stop at the
Florida Keys Brewing Company and stay the night. You can do a brewery tour
and sample their microbrews. ‘Kay, when you come for a
taste or here a flights, they don’t mess around. We’ve got 10 different beers
to get through tonight, people. Woo-hoo! It’s also one of the prettiest
breweries we’ve ever seen. After you’ve done your tour, there’s also fine dining right next door. And that was our Florida Keys road trip featuring the best of Key West. If you enjoyed this video, make sure you subscribe and ring the bell so that you get notifications each week when we put up a new travel video.

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  1. I’ve been living in Eastern Europe since last year and man I am missing that lovely glowing thing, what’s it called? Ah yes, the sun! 😂

    Looks like you guys are having such a blast out there! Look at that blue water!

  2. This video made me smile. I love the whole Florida keys. Every time I go, I try something different. Whether itd be another place to eat and or drink or water adventures. Giving different businesses a chance. I don’t have a favorite. Except maybe blue heaven for breakfast.

  3. Thank you very much indeed! I’ve had a fascination for the Florida Keys after this adoptee, 45 years later, discovered my birth mother lived and grew up there.

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