FLY over Sealine Beach – Paramotor Qatar

You can now fly over sealine beach! Paramotoring has come to Qatar and in
this video you’ll see just what it’s like. Freggle Friends! Welcome back! So guess where I’m going to today,
it’s the sealine beach, that means, close to it. I’m going to the Sky
Master Sports Club, and it’s time to do some paramotoring. I’ve been out of the
paramotoring for a little bit of time but I have done a full course
before, and I’ve been waiting for it to open up in Qatar and that is now happened. So I’m off to this spot with Sky Masters and they’re gonna get me airborne.
I’m so excited I love this feeling you know you’re about to fly just
don’t know when where how far, how well, you know what I mean?
All right join me for the fun, come along! The paramotoring at Sealine is happening
at the Skymasters Sports club. They have just started operations with a
professional team of instructors. You can come to the paramotoring Club for a
training course or you can just go for one sightseeing flight as a passenger.
The experience is something I highly recommend, it is one of the things that
makes living here so much fun. Make sure to watch the whole video so that you
will see just what the flying experience is like and of course if you like what
you see be sure to subscribe to the channel and give me a like on the video,
it really helps a lot! Once I got my equipment set up I went for some refresher training with my instructor and we then flew a Paramotor tour
around the Desert of Qatar starting next to the sealine beach resort. After takeoff I’m flying high over the
desert within seconds. I circled around waiting for my
instructor and buddy Zoltan to join me in the air. Here you can see him down below taking
off into the wind. And there he flies climbing up towards me. So I turned around to meet up with him. And there we are flying together into
the sunset. That’s his view towards me. Here we cross the track where all the traffic is heading into the desert for the weekend. The views into the sunset are really awesome. It’s always fun to change around each
other a bit. There’s another nice view from zoltan’s
camera. And there we go making our way deeper
into the desert. Quite quickly we reach the paragliding
dune where you can go and play with a paraglider without a motor.. With the sports club opening up there’s
quite a bit of air traffic around already.. This dune is the biggest one in the area
it looks amazing into the sunset. after the paragliding dune it’s time
to head back again. We’re flying along the coastline this time. it’s always amazing to see the color
difference between the shallow and the deeper water. We’re still keeping up with each other
nicely so we take a little bit of time for a
couple selfies. It’s always fun to see those cars dune
bashing down below. And then reaching the sealine resort
we slowly descend our way back to the landing spot again. we just take the time for a quick fly-by And there you go with some fuel still
left in the tank that was another awesome paramotor flight. All right let
me know if you like this video be sure to subscribe for more and definitely let
me know your comments down below. I’ll see you soon in the next video. Bye!!

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