Flying Bat With Flapping Wings Review

hey what’s going on Dan here from 9 malls and today I’m a review the flying bats with Halloween coming up I thought I’d review a Halloween products so this is the flying bat for ages 4 and up battery-operated basically what this is i’ll show you in the back as you attach it to the ceiling and you know even screwed in the ceiling you want and there’s a string that hangs down the bat will spin around in circles flaps it flaps its wings flies around to spend suspended continuous fine action calming and soothing movement uses to a batteries not included and I’m just gonna open up here and see if it actually works so look at this here’s the bat definitely no one’s going to mistake there may be in the dark no one’s going to its mistake this for an actual bat one thing right off the bat is kind of heavy so you definitely don’t want you know this to hit anybody when it’s spinning around because it is heavy and here is the hangar and yeah there are screws right here so it’s just a plastic little thing you can screw the ceiling I’m gonna try to just kind of hang it to spend it with the string see if that works let’s put batteries in assent suspended from the ceiling and see if this thing actually is worth purchasing alright so here we go here’s the bat and I’m going to turn it on and it’s just hanging from a light here hopefully it won’t fall off but let’s try it out here we go and its eyes light up as you can see let’s see if we can get it going it’s this it looks like a dead bird or something let’s see if we can get it going here let me try only bit i’m gonna hold ya get going just by holding the series has to be helped in the center here we go so kind of moves alright so let’s see if we can get this thing spinning read the directions and I’m doing exactly what you should be doing for those of you have you have used one of these back before let me know if you need to get going it’s going to spin it around and then attached to the ceiling like you would with screwed in there we gonna have to move it a little bit alright so do i recommend flying bat here the answer is kind of on the fence like it does why a little bit you know it’s more about like just bouncing and but it doesn’t fly in a circle like I was expecting so yeah I think if you can get for like ten dollars unless i would recommend this but other you know because it is kind of cool-looking the wings do flat you know in a dark you put that I would you know the dark like hallway or something this would be kind of scary I guess so yeah kind of on the fence i guess but if the price is right go for it yeah you know if not I’m sure there’s better halloween decorations out there thanks for watching my videos if you like please subscribe if you want to support i’m going to / 9 malls

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  1. No I made the same mistake with that! Your supposed to fold the wings outwards. It doesn't feel right and I thought I was going to break mine but that's actually how you make it operate correctly. Good luck!

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