Flying to Pokhara | Indian in Nepal | Visit Nepal 2020

This is my terminal It’s my terminal! On reaching the airport’s domestic terminal, I was very excited to see ‘Antarik terminal’ written on the building (=Domestic terminal) All of us got window seats after a simple check-in process and after almost no security check, it was time to board the flight They didn’t even check the contents of the bag Our flight duration is 30 minutes By road it takes 7-8 hours to cover the distance But I’m sure the most adventurous ride would be on these small planes After spotting several small planes, we boarded our ATR small plane Nepal’s domestic flights are often delayed but surprisingly, our boarding happened right on time. Sadly we kept waiting for take off for almost an hour after this We haven’t taken off yet, but it’s the first time I am seeing that we are being served some drinks- water- already Stay hungry We are delayed As soon as we took off from Kathmandu we got epic Himalayan views for the entire duration of the flight -This is what you call Himalyan views The views are epic Just before we landed in Pokhara, we spotted this big lake Can you guess its name? Try searching on Google Maps and then leave a comment below No one stood up after the flight landed Okay, now they did. It’s a small airport and I saw something interesting here- You show your baggage tag, they will match it to the luggage and then you will get it So we are staying at Shangri-La tonight We had arrived at one of Pokhara’s most gorgeous properties If I was sad, it was just for the reason that we were staying here for a single night Garden and trees are better than buildings so we just walked down here There are 14 8000+ metre high mountain peaks in the world out of which 8 are here in Nepal. International Mountain Museum documents high mountains from across the world, Nepal’s mountain traditions, cultures, tribes, flora and fauna. You can easily spend 2 hours here exploring everything Did you know that ‘sherpas’ are a tribe of Nepal? I always wrongly assumed that all the porters who climb the Himalayas are called sherpas I realised today that they are a tribe There is a model of Mt.Manaslu, one of the 8k+ peak, which Swati and I struggled to climb After listening to some NEpali music at our hotel in the evening, we reached a restaurant at Pokhara’s lakeside for dinner Here we got to see a traditional folk dance of Nepal Next morning we woke up early to head to the World Peace Pagoda which is situated on top of a hill, before the day’s crowd makes its way here You can either drive to the top or take a boat across Fewa lake and then hike up the hill there are 4 statues of Lord Buddha facing the 4 directions But the speciality of this place is that the 4 statues have been brought from 4 countries and installed here Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand and Japan Our next stop was a popular waterfall- Devi’s Fall And then we headed across the road to the Gupteswar Mahadev Cave THe main road is right above us Can you see it? Slightly! After the sightseeing, it was time to head out of Pokhara We have started for Ghandruk now I thought I will have to live with the torture (of mountain drive) for 2 hours only, but actually it’s 3.5 hours Ram is driving us there THis is a popular paragliding destination It’s foggy so Pokhara isn’t very clearly visible After a 3 hour bumpy ride, we made it to Ghandruk village Apparently the Himalayan views from here are very good but right now it was all cloud covered Our car has dropped us here, now Swati is going to guide us Here at the ACAP office, we spoke to the officials and got to know how the organisation is working on sustainable and responsible tourism in the Annapurna region and now we are heading to our guest house which is a 10 minute walk It’s cold out here And with these views, it’s time for a room tour Well, if you haven’t guessed why I am here, then let me tell you- so I’m a little nervous I’m not sure how prepared we are for this they made the domestic airport on my name without asking for my permission Today we are climbing Mt Manaslu People are here in their dresses It’s so difficult

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  1. Sherpas are not just potter these days,. They guide climbers and own their expedition offices !! Do research, before speak !!

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