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  1. These new FMs are like patches with most important issues like poor simplified trening and tactics still unsolved. That's what happened when you have clients who are just football addicts heavy criticising the game but steal buying it.

  2. Could someone please break down the exact differences between football manager and football manager touch for 2017? If anyone knows? I've seen what is stated on the website for 2016, but am wondering exactly what features are removed for the touch version.Thanks for any help.

  3. 2 things that stand out as disappointing is the lack of detail of training (which is 6/7ths of a managers job and cruical for developing the youth team more specifically to your style rather than just to make them all round better) and the attributes could be more specific (passing could be split into short and long) but more importantly the alphabetical order of stats means set pieces are in the way of the technical and not more logically split into groups of similar stats ie set pieces, attacking, ball control, defensive, creativity, mentality, tactical, speed, strength, stamina (those are the 10 segments i split them into when looking at players)

  4. two smaller issues are that league reps are unresponsive (TNS in champions league for 3 or 4 years but Bangor town in second is still semi pro and obscure rep) and that adding in unplayable leagues (ie Hungarian 3rd teir) could be easier

  5. Only nu-males and liberals use the 3D view. I WANT A FUCKING DEEPER GAME. Why can't I ask the board to increase tickets price, or invest the money I make back in the club?

  6. Still a poor game when the smash the spanish youth system. After 8-10 years they still dont know how to fix the error and will never fix it

  7. @Football Manager
    will we now have the chance to play all leagues of the netherlands and be able to demote and promote like you can in real life.
    Previously you could not play below second division, later you could but you couldn't promote or demote, even though in real life since a few years you can.

  8. whats the point in even designing what the manager looks like? yeah because you really can see what you look like while in match game..

  9. at last is there german language in football manager 2017??!! Every language is included, but no german!

    in germany it wont release here Because EA has the licence for bundesliga and sega thinks it wont worth it to release in germany without german licence, but it would worth it. The FM-Community is big here

  10. You add foreign languages in captions/subtitles but you forgot add english lanague for deaf and hard of hearing. Wow how you miss that? I don't know what new feature because you don't add english caption. Like this so people can see this.

  11. IN FM 16 when with a lower league club when I am trying to sign a stuff{such as physio} the show me transfer is delayed because of insufficient balance{I still have payroll budget} where there is no physio in my team. But in responsibility area, if I give responsibility to my club chairman to sing stuff, he can sign. Can anyone help me please? {I know this is not the right place to ask this question but I will be grateful if anyone help}

  12. they should develop and improve match angin seriously, the match angin gameplay now is so
    bad and the player movement is not natural, not realistic gameplay. in my opinion the best fm match
    engine is FM 2011 i still play it till now, the match play is very
    realistic football match and tactic. sorry for my bad english.

  13. love this game and spent 100s of hours playing it but I can't believe how shit the animation is still.players just look like they're sliding across the pitch.its embarrassing for animation to be this bad in 2016

  14. Might be a long shot but would be fun to play like a player and work your way up, like you can start in a big club as 15 years old have limited attribute and make choices in game and for your career, i got many ideas but it Will bore some of you but I thinks it's a good idea to have a player career similar as Football identity

  15. press and training need more updating, also convincing a player to join (it never happens in '16), I hope offering the obligations actually works.

  16. So you've changed the bare minimum again? Wow you've changed the odds?! Has absolutely nothing to do with what happens in the game.

  17. Idea: Increase attribute cap from 20 to 30(Or at least 25. 30 and higher would be a lot better). Honestly, I think this'll be a lot more interesting stat wise and allow more specific stats for players. It'll be fun seeing Ronaldo with 30 finishing and then Messi with like 29 but 30 dribbling. It can also open up lower leagues for us "Journey to the Top" Manager as 1 would be absolute shite whereas 5 would just be bad and 10 meh. It would be great, detail-wise.

  18. Instead of improving match engine and stuff no one really cares about, how about working on not having the same 10 questions and doing some serious overhall on the training. I want to be able to focus on diffrent players training everyday and go really deep in trying to get to play the way I want.

  19. You wont see my money any time soon. Every year, FM is little worse than previous year. Added lot of unimportant features, but those bad things in game stayed same. Keep up your lame work and i hope someone will use it and bring on market a really good game. RIP FM

  20. I would really LOVE football manager to incorporate some dynamic potential.

    I dislike evaluating all of my players, based on their potential star rating. Casting off anyone with less than a 4 star potential. If a player is receiving an excellent football up bringing, or enjoying an incredibly rich vein of form, not only should he be able to reach his potential, but his potential might also be able increase. On the flip side, players who den't get enough play time, struggle to adapt, or fall out with players/staff, their potential can decrease.

    Blame the change in potential on what you like. Growth spurt, sudden improved understanding of the game. Give managers a reason to look after all the players in their squad and not concentrate solely on their potential rating.

  21. i miss playing football manager on PS like LMA Manager or total club manager on PS2..they need to revive this both game again for consoles..and i also miss fifa manager where i can create stadium and etc..football manager is boring when you at 3rd or 4th seasons as you will doing the same thing every season

  22. How to post game updates to facebook? I have already loggied in under preference and I am unable to find that post to facebook button!

  23. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=833402994

    guys check my Barcelna Tike taka tactic Control the world !

  24. i m thinking why in the earth they keep using this annoying colours black-green-blue. the colour interface FM 2013. white/blue was much more suitable

  25. i watched this video and brought the game i have brought all the fm games since 20008 and the game has got better but my gripe is i have brought new speakers for my lap top to have better sound and when i ran the match engine i had to turn my sond off i was hoping to hear full match comertry but all i got was the crowd i think it about time you have match comertry like the pes and fifa 2017 please get back to me with your findings as i was disspointed you did not add live comertry to this years edition

  26. enige wat nog beter kan is het geven van antwoorden op vragen van de pers veel standaard antwoorden zijn niet van toepassing op bvb het commentaar van andere trainers.

  27. Please, in the next edition of Football Manager as it is so good and fun, I would like you to incorporate in the audio commentaries. That would make it more and much more pleasant …
    Thank you very much if you considered this promise.

  28. 0:36 – Match Experience
    4:26 – Social Media
    5:29 – Inbox
    7:40 – Transfers and Contracts
    10:57 – You, The Manager
    12:36 – Fantasy Draft
    14:29 – Quick Start
    15:45 – Staff
    17:30 – Scouting
    19:41 – Match Analysis
    20:47 – Media Interaction
    21:38 – Players
    23:24 – Create-a-Club
    24:00 – Board
    25:55 – Attention to Detail
    28:09 – Network Play
    29:00 – Football Manager Touch

  29. This makes EA look corrupt, they make no changes to manager mode😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  30. I have a game (football manager mobile 2017) but unfortunately there is no translation of the Arabic language translation so that the Arab can play thanks

    Buying cars, homes, relationships, equipment, even BUYING the CLUB.
    Just like FIFA MANAGER, which has those features.

    Any opinion about these features?

  32. hello I haven't played this game before,so I wanna ask is does this game has online multiplayer mode ?when I can compete with other managers around the world ?

  33. Many scare away 3D but with the improvement of 3D people will start buying the game.More animations! Less braked players.And pirates will go to the past.

  34. You need to do something with the manager wages. It's the indicator of your success. It shows how well respected you are at the club. Still in the game It's only a number and to be honest you better keep it as low as possible.

  35. is this game any good?…last time I was playing FM 2015 with 4 teams in 4 different countries and it was pure bullshit…..

  36. is it bad that i litterally never talk to the media? never do interviews, never ask questions about transfers, never participate in the last transfer day rumors and shit? xD

  37. i have football manager 2016 and i hit the post all the time why should i even bother with the rest of the franchise?

  38. When your up till now competitive… even over-performing team turns to shit *overnight*… and there's no way to diagnose the problem… and nothing you do makes any difference… as happens with pretty much any game I start… what do you do?

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