FollowThru Bat – Turn Behind The Turn

Hey guys Chas Pippitt with Baseball Rebellion and I’m here with Eric Tyler and we’re actually gonna use the follow through
bat but we’re gonna show this first. So a lot of times on Twitter you’re gonna see
people talking about the turn behind the turn of the snap or the barrel dump or
whatever they want to call it and they use a PDC clicker they made or something
extremely light, like a speed stick or a speed Slugger right. So what I want you
to see is Eric is able to do the incorrect turn that we saw last night
and make the ball move and make the ball click. Now do a correct one, okay so
obviously, that’s louder and faster but the second we give him a click bat which
is 28 ounces which is much closer to a game bat for a high school player, you
know he’s not going to be able to do the same types of things with his hand.
There’s no click there. All right now do a right one. There we go, good so you can
hear the click is louder. So what we’re trying to get you to understand is don’t
be tricked by what you see on Twitter and the internet when they use an
ultra-light instrument like a sawed-off bat for the whoosh or a PVC or something
that’s extremely light to make that click noise. So now we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna talk about where the click should actually happen directionally on
three different pitch locations. So I’m gonna walk behind Eric and Eric’s gonna
swing at an outside pitch three times. Click was deep because he’s releasing
the bat back here directionally into the zone. Now what we’re gonna do is a middle
pitch so the click should be a little bit further out in front and the
acceleration should be slightly of the barrel should be slightly later. There
you go, two more of those. Notice he’s not being pulled by the weight of the
follow-through bat or the swing through bat this direction, he’s being pulled
forward which is what should happen, one more. Good, so now he’s gonna go to the
inside pitch which is extremely important. Now what people don’t understand about the
inside pitch, Eric go ahead and set up. is there’s going to be
a little bit of knob drive forward before he releases the barrel and you’re
gonna hear the click out here. If you have the click super deep on the inside
pitch you’re gonna roll the ball over and you’re gonna pull out of the zone. Excellent, two more. You’re gonna notice
the click right around here on your screen. Now do an outside one really
quick you’re gonna see it really deep back here and then back to inside you’re
gonna notice the clicks out here again. This is how we build the turn and the
depth of the barrel and the swing path here at Baseball Rebellion and this is
how great Instructors across the country are doing the same thing.

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