Food always stops Boss Kim’s anger [SUB : ENG/2020.03.15]

The New York City projects… Nothing is on track. – Hello. / – It’s Jino! Hey, Jino. Changing so suddenly? Did he bring twisted breadsticks or what? – Why is she smiling like that? / – Oh, my. – Hello. / – Hello. – What a surprise, Jino. / – Hello. I heard you arrived. Who is he? Who is that person? Hello, I’m Chun Jino. I’ve been modeling for 18 years now. (In his 40s, still a top model!) Awesome. He lives in New York. He works mainly abroad. He can’t live in Korea. – Because of work? / – Yes, so he’s in New York. I’ve been modeling for Ralph Lauren regularly. Gosh, he’s good-looking. So handsome. Ralph Lauren… – Worldwide, not just Asia, right? / – Yes. – As one of the main models? / – Yes. (Modeling classic suits) I envy his parents. What great looks. (Good looks) I heard you arrived. What’s that? He brought something. Hotdogs and wine. New York hotdogs. (Mood suddenly brightens) – A savvy New Yorker. / – Indeed. He knows CEO Kim well. (Do you remember?) Growing complacent, are you? If that’s how it is, just quit. Twisted breadsticks… She loves twisted breadsticks. Looks tasty. (Feeling great) Boss Jini, you look startled. Startled by the hotdog fitting into her mouth? The pork belly was more startling. – Actually… / – It looked so tasty. Actually, the two of you are quite similar. (Whoa) (Wary) She’s not happy. Why aren’t you happy? No, it’s good. – She hates it. / – It’s good, it’s good. But she doesn’t look happy. It’ll be tasty. – New York hotdogs? / – What is it? – Great. / – They’re hotdogs. Oh, my. Thanks, Jino. New York hotdogs. New York has great hotdogs. (New York hotdogs) Wow, looks delicious. The mood brightened. Looks tasty. (Biting right away) She’ll feel better now. Awesome. – Tasty? / So tasty. Does it taste good? – Weren’t you angry with Myeongji? / – Yes. – I forgot about it. / – You did? He looks cool even when he eats. (Same hotdog, different vibes) (Chokes) Thanks to you, Jino, we’re getting a break. Really? He saved the mood. – Jino, about our audition. / – Yes. – You’re a judge. / – Yes. Oh, he’ll be a judge. You’re better than us at judging global models. Give us some guidelines. The market is expanding. It’s a global era, so the key is diversity, represented by diverse models. Regardless of age or ethnicity, if a candidate has a unique appeal, we should select that model. Nowadays, even body shapes… (Giggles) Why do you keep giggling? The mood was so tense before. – But not with Jino here. / – Indeed. Jino should’ve come sooner. Try being handsome instead of sulky. (Outraged) Don’t be mean. – What’s wrong with Director Choi? / – I’ll press too. Director Choi looks adorable. Boss Yang, don’t act like you’re handsome. Press that button. I understand how she feels. As a model, Jino generates a lot of profit. – That’s favoritism. / – Unfair to others. – It’s discrimination. / – He does a great job. So I can’t be angry with him. Besides, I haven’t seen him for a while. Try being handsome instead of sulky. (Dumbfounded…) My mom says I’m handsome. – That means he’s upset for real. / – He’s upset. That came from deep within. He is so cute. – Such a cheery mood. / – Looks are everything. We brought gifts. Bring them here. We hauled the heavy load here. What is that? Bring the food here. We brought all this stuff. Really? You know how heavy it was? Let’s split this up. A few in your suitcase… Yes, a few in yours, a few in mine… Precious food items. Right. Divide these and take them home. CEO Kim made a fuss about it. – Thank you. / – Looks tasty, right? – Take them home… / – A soulless response. – You sound soulless. / – This is great. – I’ll take them back. / – No! – I’ll eat them. / – You should be in tears. Overcome by gratitude. – Thank you for the food. / – Share them. – Eat these. / – I’m hungry. Korean food is too expensive for you here, right? – Let’s go to a Korean restaurant today. / – Really? – Is it her treat? / – Let’s go. – Cheers to the New York branch! / – Cheers! – The hotdogs were appetizers. / – Yes. (Sleepless night in New York) (Street that looks familiar?) – Hold on. / – Where is that? – Koreatown? / – It’s Koreatown. It looks great. – It’s just like Korea. / – 32nd Street? (Crowded) I’m glad CEO Kim likes Korean food. We’re in the U.S., so we should eat meat. We’ll have the most expensive, tastiest food. The coolest type of boss. – Let’s order beef ribs. / – Ribs. (Mouthwatering) Recently back from Italy… – Jino brought this… / – Oh, back from Italy. He returned from Italy with this. See the label here? Jino is the hero of the day. (Smiling) He even brought champagne. It’ll taste delicious. Which glass is yours? – The one with the biggest pour. / – A rare sight. – Glasses gathered like that? / – For the pour. That glass has more. Getting greedy, are we? You think that’s your glass, huh? Gosh, my hand got shaky. (Stop pouring) (Boss Kim’s glass has the most) Boss Kim got greedy. – Drinking it like tea. / – Indeed. Boss Jini, do you have company meals like that? We have company meals too. – Without drinks. / – We have meals. Even at barbecue restaurants, we have a table for those who drink and a separate table for those who don’t. That’s nice. (Food served one by one) Hurry up and eat. Exactly like a meal in Korea. Even the pot. – What’s that? / – Boiled beef slices? Awesome. The beef ribs look delicious. They have kimchi stew as well. (Reminder, this is New York) – Tasty, right? / – It’s tasty. In New York, that beef is probably expensive. They can only eat it when I’m there. Since it’s too pricey. It’s too expensive, so they usually eat… – Chinese food. / – Right. They go to Chinatown. – Where the food is affordable. / – I see. We practiced eating hamburgers earlier. We’re going to New York… So we should have hamburgers. – To practice. / – Yes, as practice. Isn’t that beggar-style eating? You practiced it for nothing. That’s only for the first day. It’ll stop the next day. I wanted to treat the New York employees, but I ended up tagging along… (You probably wanted to eat here…) Jino, you’ve modeled for a long time already, but I want it to continue well into your 70s and 80s. There are so many models like that abroad. – So cool. / – Awesome. – Like that… / – Gosh. – So handsome. / – Jino will be like that too. With a muscular body. He is insanely handsome. Back in the day, I was also… – How far back? / – 25 years ago? As a kid, I admired foreign bodybuilders and other athletes who had muscular bodies in their 60s and stayed in awesome shape. That’s why I started weight training. But why did you gradually… Life took its toll. So your body is going back to how it was on your first birthday? As a one-year-old? – That’s too far back. / – That guy… He attacks with great aim. With great imagination too. His body is so round and plump. (Curious case of Boss Yang) There are so many senior models… – But there are age limits in Korea. / – Right. – Work as an agent later on. / – Sure. Keep modeling while working as an agent. As a finishing touch, create your own brand. A suit brand. – He’d be great at it. / – He would be, right? – “Chun Jino Homme.” / – Yes. The Vice Director and Myeongji can start working on a suit brand in New York. Forcing her employees to stay abroad. But… Let’s give it a try. Now we have another project. Even while eating, she gets new ideas and assigns work to the employees. She only gets to stay for a few days. – So she has to hurry. / – She has to rush. I have to hurry. – Myeongji got prettier. / – Yes. She lost weight. New York suits you. Your skin is glowing. You look great. It’s because you were away. That’s the answer. Why does he always sit next to me? Saying things that make you scold him. He always sits next to you. Myeongji, things are okay here, right? At first, yes. But with events coming up, things are so hectic. When you get caught up in work, you stop thinking how tough it is. She just said things were tough. That’s her interpretation. You have to collapse into sleep after a tough day’s work. When things aren’t that tough, it means you’re not working enough. – Then you think too much. / – I don’t agree. – Vice Director, do you like it here? / – Sure. I like New York. (Robotic answer) Your wife and children couldn’t join you, right? They’re back in Korea. You can return once you find a replacement. Managing Director Seong. The chosen one. You should think before you speak. (Sorry) – It’s what I heard. / – I don’t want to get prettier. Let’s hear your reasoning. Managing Director Seong handles finances. – We need a finance expert here. / – I see. – Indeed. / – Right. I know nothing about finance. (Clueless about money) Director Choi backing out cutely. You also have to organize events. Loads of events. To incorporate fashion, organize events, and create a brand, Director Choi might have to come here. Sounds great. – So abruptly? / – Yes. Let’s work on the casting call first. That’s why we’re here. Seems like Director Choi will end up there. (Suddenly standing after giving them work) – Where are you going? / – Did she bring gifts? I’ll get going now. – Pay for the meal with this. / – Yes. Handing over her credit card. Just like she did in Korea. Same thing in New York. – You two, follow me. / – Us? We have to get things arranged. – But I was still eating. / – See you tomorrow. – Good night. / – Letting the others have a feast. What a cool boss. They get wary when I’m there. They should order soju and such. – It’s a valid credit card, right? / – Sure. It’s not a domestic card, is it? Or a phone card. (Come on!) – Bye. / – Good-bye. See you tomorrow. (What’ll they order with her credit card?) (Making sure she’s gone) They’re making sure she’d gone. Seriously, let’s get a bottle of soju! I knew it! “Seriously, let’s get a bottle of soju!” He needs it. That came from deep inside. Soju is expensive there, right? Really expensive. How much did that meal cost? Over $800, I think. – Since they ordered soju too. / – Right. (What are the others doing?) You know why I booked this hotel? The hotel we’re staying at? Yes. Someday, I want to open a boutique hotel with Korean cuisine. With traditional “ondol” floor heating. And a small veranda overlooking a yard. – Nice. / – So I wanted to see… – The hotel here… / – Work never leaves her mind. I see. That’s why I booked 3 separate rooms. I’m glad we have separate rooms. – To see the different rooms? / – Yes. Really? She couldn’t book only 2 rooms. (Wooden floor?) Where is this place? (What is she doing?) (Hard at work in her room) I’ll try calling. Eunho? Stop by my room for a minute. Bring Managing Director Seong with you. Right now. Just for a minute. (Summoning employees at night?) Let them rest. (Feeling sorry now) (Knock, knock) Hold on. Come in. I was about to sleep. I’m still jet-lagged. Have a seat. Take a look. These models… Let’s make up our minds on them together. We have to see 200 models in 6 hours. – To see… / – Let’s decide now. – Who has potential? / – A pre-selection. – How about model no. 1? / – No. 1… – I’d say no. / – You’d say no? Model no. 2. I’d say no. I guess I agree. (Reviewing all 250 models before bed?) They were awake for 30 hours straight. We didn’t see them sleep or rest. No time to rest in a faraway place like that. – We have to get things done. / – Saving time. In New York, you’d have to work like that too. Of course. (Send me there, I’d do anything) CEO Kim, there are too many models. We can continue in the morning. We’re still jet-lagged. We’re losing focus and getting confused. – Tomorrow morning… / – Try rubbing your eyes. (Torturous) We’re on model no. 14. Let’s stop at model no. 100. – No. 100. / – Hurry up. We could’ve seen 50 already. She wants to review half of them. There are too many, so you need to screen them. Yes, we need to be prepared. – How about model no. 92? / – So-so. – So-so? / – Sounds like random responses. He’s too sleepy. Giving halfhearted replies. – We’ll decide later. / – Okay. – Next, no. 93. / – No. 93… – I’d say no. / – “I’d say no…” (Snores)

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  1. Please make the 41st episode to present available in the Philippines please please. We need more happiness now that we are experiencing the covid lockdown in our country! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. Manhattan Koreatown is so bad, better off going to Flushing or Fort Lee, NJ

  3. What are those clear green bottle with green cap on 4:22 – 4:26? Super curious, is it like a hand sanitizer or something?

  4. I love how CEO Kim was so damn complex but so damn simple 🤣
    Like as a CEO she had this 10 step idea, so complex and yet food is still kryptonite, like every one of us

  5. It must be frustrating for employees to be given projects or criticism at a company dinner. At the same time, if I was a boss, I'd want to treat my employees to dinners but wouldn't know what to talk about without encroaching on their personal lives

  6. Do anyone know what is the song that was played at 2:30? I've been looking for that song for a long time already, but i don't know the song name.

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