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Four ! -Hey, it’s a four! Super! Mapla, did the match start? -Yes. India vs Australia Am talking about the match between Brazil with France -Brazil? France? I haven’t heard of these teams. What if you don’t know? You came to know about FIFA only yesterday. Dai, you are the one who shared Amir Khan’s photograph instead of Messi’s. That’s him. -Remember that we are going to play football tomorrow. Mapla, Dinesh -Tell me Mapla Mapla, we are going to play in the morning. Join us. -Early morning? Reach exactly at 5 am. -Super Mapla. I will be there Why is the field empty? The boys promised to be here at 5. Stop laughing. The main qualification to be a sportsman is punctuality. What’s the time now? Forget about punctuality, tell me why are you here with the bat? Are you going to kill a rat? Dai, what else do they use to play cricket? We are not playing cricket. We are playing football. -Football? Dai, which side should we choose? Going by Vaasthu, let us choose that side. Come let’s go warm up. -Dai, what’s with the warm up? Warm up is loosening the body. -Ya right. My body is already loosened. Ji, come. -Dai, who is this? Mapla, remember me telling you about the district player, Dinesh? This is him. He is our teammate. What’s with this warm up? It’s raining. This ball should go in between the stones. That’s it. Right? Let me do it. Did it go? Let me go park my vehicle. Anna, who is that yellow sleeveless? -He is our scapegoat today. Let’s have fun. Everything should start here. So, I should do something. .Isn’t it? Ok. Silly guys. We should run. Run until we achieve it. Mapla. -Dai, whats with the murmuring? Nothing mapla. -Warm up keeps you healthy. Mapla, while selecting your team members, remember to choose me. -Ok Dai, come here. I rolled this stone seven times around this field. It’s been 8 hours that we are here. Are we going to play? I asked you to warm up. You are walking around like a construction worker with this stone. Are we going to play? Boys, everybody come here. -Hey, let’s choose the members. Dai, what kind of a team have you chosen? Look at them. They are all players. I asked you to pick the yellow t-shirt. Why didn’t you pick? They picked him. What can I do? Thambi, you play in the center. You are the goalie. You run well, so be with me. Ji, I am the captain. – Let it be. First, listen to me. Mapla, he made me the goalie. -Yes mapla, he is acting too much. Dai, Anirudh, make sure to get him run around. Dai, you guys start. -As if you are giving us a chance. Let’s start the game Mapla, pass it. Yeah, goal. Dai, I asked you to be at the goal post. What are you doing here? Mapla, I was listening to a powerful song and I was about to score the goal. But my battery went low. Give me 10 minutes, I will go charge the phone and then score a goal. Is this why you asked me to pick you on my team? Go stand at the post. Ji, Ji. -Mapla, come. Hold him. Hey let me go -This is called a defense. I have seen it on TV. Am not playing. -No. You should not say that. We should. ‘You are not playing’. Come mapla. Mapla, Rajesh. -Dai, are you playing football or trying to finish me off? Please let me stay alive until I reach home today. This is a technique mapla. You did not understand, right? Expect more of such techniques. Out. Dai, what are you doing? Football is not a simple game. In 1948, the game was found. Do you know the kind of players in the game? For eg, me. Forget about me. Let’s talk about Messi. He takes the ball from the midfield and takes it to the post for a goal when 10 players defend him. Hey silly guy. Mapla, come here. Mapla, while playing football, your body, mind and strength should be in line with the game. Yes, mapla. Dai, I was happily playing cricket. You guys took me to play football and… Dai, no more fours. It’s ‘Goal’. Say ‘Goal’ Goal. Goal. Mapla, are you suffocating? Yes Mapla, that’s why I asked you to warm up. Mapla, everyone else in the team is fine except for the yellow t-shirt. We should make him fall. Look there, there he is down like a Rhino. Don’t worry about him. Dai, why are you running since the beginning of the game? Anna, don’t you know about football? We should run until we die. That’s football. But why are people fighting here? They don’t know to play. Mapla hit it to the goal post. Goal. Mapla. Check if my tooth is hurt. Dai, your tooth is missing. Mapla, I have seen players celebrating like this after they hit a goal. I tried the same. Then no worries. You are not gonna stop with your teeth. Ji, am being defended. Let me pass it to you. Dai, stop. Give me the ball. Dai, the air is less in the ball. Let me go fill some air and be back. Dai, this ball looks fine. Give it to me. No, there is less air in the ball. Dai, where are you going? I can’t wait longer. Dai, Thambi. Mapla, look at him. Dai Kavi, score one goal at least. He saved all the goals. And you call yourself a football player. Thambi, great. I will get you 3 egg bonda from Muruganna’s shop. These guys will not listen. Please don’t forget to subscribe and share ‘Nakkalites’.

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  1. Sorry na ipatha video patha.i am also football player. But it's awesome Anna. πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Naan yeppavum……episode la,arun & sasi bro illana…..pakave thonathi,bt entha episode nalla erruku bro…..yellarum nalla panni errukinga bros✌✌✌

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