Football – Arkansas Highlights (09-07-19)

From Oxford, Mississippi,
welcome to SEC Saturday Night. Matt Luke’s Rebels
taking the field, here at home against Arkansas. This screen out run, it is caught, an Ole Miss
touchdown, Elijah Moore. Two tight ends stacked
on the right side for Arkansas. O’Grady and Gunter. Hicks, pressure. And there’s Sam Williams again. Quarterback sack,
it’s a loss of four. That’s how the first
quarter will come to an end. And the wild hog. Arkansas, late
rotation defensively. And they’re gonna reverse it. Hicks wants to throw, he gets pressured and dropped. And Ole Miss, able to
take it down again. The wild hog has run
into some issues. Here’s a 33 yard attempt. Former Dillon South
Carolina Wildcat, where he was a teammate of Auburn defensive
coordinator Kevin Steele. Field goal is good,
for Luke Logan. Ball was really close
to breaking the plane. They’ll get the snap
off, Phillips right side, that one breaks the plane. Right in front of the
students’ section. Second touchdown of
the game for Ole Miss. Ho, lost ball. It’s on the ground, Ole
Miss says they have it. It was bobbled by Devwah Whaley, and the Rebels’ Luke Knox
comes up with the football. Corral, late pitch. Another nit, Ole Miss,
a couple more yards, and the ball came loose! Arkansas with the take away! Kamren Curl with the run back! And the Rebels, finally, no. Curl’s still struttin’, to the
five, and score. Right through traffic,
and a 68-yard return. And you see three receivers
to the top of your screen here, so I don’t think they’re gonna
get Corral outside the pocket. I’d look for something over
the middle of the field. Four rushers, and over
the middle, complete. First down and a beautiful
move by Elijah Moore. He bends it back inside. An Ole Miss touchdown
from Elijah Moore! Second touchdown of the
game for the sophomore, at the Saint Thomas
Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale. But if you’re getting out there,
you gotta play. Starkel drops. They beat the right
side of the line. Charles Wiley, with the sack. It’s a loss of nine, and Arkansas’ gonna to
have to punt it away. Second and two. Phillips dances behind
that line, a hole opens, it’s a big one. And Phillips going to
take guys with him, all the way into the end zone. A 26-yard physical
run for Phillips, most of that yardage
coming after contact. Matt Corral picks
up his first win as a starter here at Ole Miss. A 31 to 17 final. He threw for 246
and two touchdowns. He averaged four and
a half yards a carry, on 10 carries.

30 thoughts on “Football – Arkansas Highlights (09-07-19)

  1. Hard to lose when u run the ball for 250. Corrall gotta chill tho. Gets a bit too fancy at times. Take what the defense gives you. Don’t force what isn’t there. I will say, the defense looks 100% better, which serves as optimism as the offense improves. Only allowed 2 defensive tds in 2 games. McGriff sucks.

  2. Hotty Toddy. A great statement win against my least favorite college football team Arkansas, and coming off of a questionable offense against Memphis 31 points is solid. Loving the defense too.

  3. "BUt ARkaNSaS waS HOldING ouT fOr Ole miSS!"

    What an absolute joke…Congrats Ole Miss you guys came to play and were clearly the better team.

  4. Not being bias coming from the other side in the country but watching this game I can say this with passion. Both teams are horrible.

  5. Offensive line looked alot better than last week in Memphis. Ole Miss is a young team they will slowly improve throughout the season its all about adapting to whats new. Congrads on the win👍🏽

  6. "Dive has worked literally one time all game why the hell do we keep calling it we're not getting anywhere up the middle"
    Arkansas runs the Wild Hog several more times

  7. 1:05 #72 got that bama choke block on lock.

    No, I’m not just being salty. Rebels should have won by 40. Just something I noticed

  8. We should hire MIKE LEACH to coach the razorbacks! But… He probably wouldn't take this job if we asked him! (WPS) PS "or kiss HOUSTON NUTTS rear and see if he'd come back! (again… I doubt it!)

  9. I wonder why the title is "Football – Arkansas Highlight" I think it should have been "Ole Miss Highlights". Arkansas didn't have many highlights. The Arkansas football program has been steadily going down the tubes since Petrino was fired. My faith in Morris is just about on the same level as whale s**t. I wonder if the Sun Belt has any openings for another team. We are definitely not SEC caliber any more.

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