61 thoughts on “Football Boot Hacks! Best Soccer Cleat Tricks

  1. Tons of boots are knit with a plastic coating. Have you ever considered filing away the costing to get the soft knit without the stuff coating? I have the preds 18.1 and want to remove some of the coating to get a softer fit. Thoughts?

  2. Hey Matt what’s up buddy. It’s Jody from Rarotonga man!! I’ll spread the word buddy. Have a look at my crap vids! Haha. I put a channel together a while ago just to store videos of my reef tank progress at home then started to get into a bit. Great meeting you guys man. Shoot me a PM and I’ll give you my contact details. Cheers! Your vids are great man already checked out a few.

  3. Phillip has a deformity on hes heels that's why he cuts the hole in the back of hes boots use need to do your research before hand

  4. is the boot shrinking method using water on the sock / boot ok on kangaroo leather? I just want to shrink my boots slightly less than half a boot size

  5. My nomal shoe size is 10.I bought size 9 for boots. It's tight only on toe and other fingers. What can I do it's not comfort???? Pls suggest should I buy 10 r…?

  6. So we should go to a store, try on shoes and then don't buy them? How long do these stores stay in business? Please buy something for providing this service.

  7. you can also drag the sockliner and place it in the heel area to avoid blisters and make the boots fit if they are short.

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