Football: Jake Smith Feature

[Music] My path so far at Harvard hasn’t really been what I expected when I was coming in Coming in as a freshman I had fifth-year senior quarterback Joe Viviano coming back after a starting season and also we had Tom Stewart, who was also a great quarterback, coming back as a junior and so I didn’t really have many expectations to play right out the gate, but a couple things happened and I was thrown right into the fire against Brown week two my freshman year and honestly, it was a lot at first, pretty overwhelming, but I mean, I just took the opportunity and ran with it. Yeah, so from freshman year to sophomore year I definitely, definitely grew as a quarterback, gained more confidence and gained more knowledge of the offense and I just felt I felt better stepping behind center. I started out the year 2-0, but things weren’t really clicking for me at that point in time in this season and that’s when Tom Stewart stepped in and pretty much took the starting job for the rest of the year and for me that was really tough for me but that also was a great, great learning experience and you know, just to stay locked in and stay focused on the task at hand. Yeah, so heading into my junior year, I think one of the biggest emphasis of improvement was throwing the ball better downfield. Coach Lamb and I really thought that that was one area that I could really improve in and I think, I think we did a good job throughout the offseason working on that and progressing in it because you saw earlier in the season we hit a lot of, we hit a lot of explosive plays and that’s definitely the preparation that we did in spring ball. So there there’s a lot that goes into the mental preparation and I think you just have to embrace that as a starting quarterback. There’s a lot of hours outside of practice and even outside of the film room, as a team and as a position group, that you’re going to have to put in. My preparation this year compared to my freshman year has dramatically improved, just from, just from having the experience of having to go through it week to week, and I think that’s definitely helped me as a quarterback.

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