Football O Line training How to block a bigger opponent | Part 4

Ricky Siglar: Okay, how’re you doing? I’m
Ricky Siglar, former Kansas City offensive tack. I’m out here at the Lake of Christian
School working with the football team. This is an exciting opportunity. This is the first
year of the football program. So we’ve got some young guys that are actually talented
that are just learning the concept of football and some of the techniques of blocking and
this young man right here asked me a question about: How do you handle a bigger guy? So
we’re going to demonstrate on a bag the proper technique to block a guy that might be bigger
than you are. So we’re going to essentially start off with
just what a basic drive block and what I want you guys to understand the way you block a
bigger guy is with leverage. That means you have to get underneath him, you got to use
your hips and your legs. This is where your power comes from and you explode and get your
pads under his pads. That’s the way you block a bigger guy.
If you get under him and out leverage him – I don’t care how big he is, if you get your
pads underneath his pads you’ll be able to drive him off the ball. If you get higher
than he is, you’re done. He’ll just over power you. So the key to blocking a bigger guy is
leverage and the way you get leverage is getting your pads underneath his pads.
So we’re going to – here hold this for a second. I’m going to try to demonstrate. Just say
the guy is basically in that position and you’re in your stance. You want a good balance
stance, get down and you want to have all your weight on your hand like that. You want
to do a quick hand up and you want to come off the ball and explode. Hold the bag up
a little bit. Get down here and bring those hips – roll
those hips and then just step through and that’ll allow you to get underneath him. So
come up – you want to have your head up. You want to have your head – get down in the defensive
stance. There you go. Go down here. I’m going to come down here and I want to have my head
row in it. Now you’re coming like you want to – and I want to have my eyes and my head
locked right there. Right in the middle of this shift. That’s where you’ll get underneath
him. As you’re coming in with those hands and explode
bring those hips and explode when you get under. Stand him up. Once you do that you
take him anywhere you want to go. So we’ll just demonstrate on
the bag first how to get…
One thing I want to mention we have – you noticed we got the Kinetic bands on these
guys. This will help build their explosiveness in their hits in those areas that are key
to play this position. Talked a little bit about them in the last video we’re actually
going to do some live demonstrations with them now. So once you get down on your stance
you should drive block him. Down set and go, okay. ?? ?? ?? ??

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