Forge your path

Every day we must follow a path. A path that is laid out for us by others, built by others. We don’t forge our path,
we always follow those well-trodden that lead us to fixed destinations… but not always… There are days when we feel
an overwhelming desire for freedom, an instinct that lets us understand
that we are the path and that our path cannot be the same
as everybody else’s. These are the days when the miracle happens
and we break the mould to do what we truly are. To follow the path we are forging,
the path we are building. To look at the world from a different point of view. To see what’s beyond a hill. To feel a real sense of freedom. Free to make our own path every day.

22 thoughts on “Forge your path

  1. Sympa cette petite pub, une chouette invitation à la liberté féminine dans des sensation aérienne qui font apprécier de magnifique paysages…!  Ca change un peu pour une fois :)))

  2. This has absolutely nothing to do with freedom and self determination. This is a mezmer video which strengthens the idea of freedom in the mind and whithin the confines of the existing structure. The straying off the beaten track looks real however it is fake. Society of today, and especially were similarities occure worldwide, are not a product of 'understanding' but a product of agressive corporate driven globalism which includes the media which has the population in a spin. This video provides the illusion of freedom working in that corporate realm. Illusion is big business these days. Dreams are there to keep you in control. Sorry for the bad news but these are the facts. The majority are slaves. In no time this thrill driven (not reason driven) video will have 1.000.000+ views.

  3. Beautiful footage, but sadly they've been mixed with stock advertising music and text from those corporate inspirational posters I hate so fiercely.

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