hey there and welcome back again in the previous video i have shown you how you can hide your files and folders in an undeletable folder and before that I had also shown you that how you will be storing your files in a dot BAT file which is kind of a fake protection and i have told you that this is not very safe and today I’m gonna show you why this is not very safe or how you can have access your important files in case you forget the password or in case you accidentally delete the folder so let’s begin so first of all you need to browse to the location where you had previously created your dot bat file as you can see over here i have a name dot bat file that i have created and let’s say I have I just don’t know the password for this I don’t know what the password was to access my important files let’s say that I accidentally deleted this dot BAT file the question is will i lose my important stuff that i had stored into dot BAT file the answer is no you can easily get them back out here in the same location let me show it to you how just go through the previous procedure that I had shown in my previous video create a new file new document file over here and set new new new document in your doc let’s say this is my new document file and just copy the code to lock this folder and select a new password over here let’s say my new password is a new password type in your new password just save this file save it as make sure the extension is set to dot bat doesnt matter what you are naming to file make sure the extension is dot bat and save type is all files once you save it you have the dot bat file same file again just type the new password that you’re in right now typing a new file you passed new new password sorry new password and you can see you will have you get back to your important files and folders that you had deleted and one thing you need to remember that you need to create the dot bat file at the same location where you have previously created and once you created you will have access to your of important files that you have stored in this locker folder so that’s all for today’s video I hope you enjoyed watching this thank you very much for watching Goodbye

33 thoughts on “FORGOT PASSWORD TO .bat File 2

  1. Currently i have the file in my external hdd and am unable to lock/unlock the same. Also if copy and past it in my laptop it is not working. Kindly help

  2. this would be a flawed design to encrypt files if it was so easy as just to replace it with a new batch file then….

  3. Sir, I have a question: Where do I obtain that code you pasted?

    Also, will this work, considering I created a .bat locker over 2 years ago, and by the way, is all of this similar to encrypting an SD card in the phone or a phone's internal data using the phone? (I have a Samsung Galaxy S4.)

  4. OMG Thank you soooooo much !!! You're the best !! I've been trying to retrieve these files for almost a year !

  5. It will be helpfull if u reply….. I used same method to hide folder…. But folder size was large.. More then 100gb
    So it took time to hide and show when i hide and unhide the file earlier but now after some time when i check the same locker….. It is not showing the hidden folder….. Help me if u can…. Will be very kind of u

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