5 thoughts on “Former Cricket Champ Rahul Dravid’s Cricket Commentary | Indian Cricket Team | Cricket Video

  1. Rahul always had a great sense of humor, some understood it rather well. He was stereotyped by a section of the media as well as public for a very long time. On stage he was the champion, at the box he is no less than the best. In fact I  find him the best. As an anchor, he is as good as Harsha, as an expert he is miles ahead of all, at least the Indian lot.  Keep going Jammy… and do appear on screen a little more.. I don't like undeserving ones to occupy your spot(s)!  

  2. Rahul : Who has the best economy rate
    Harsha : Dont know
    Rahul : Thomas Odoyo
    Harsha : Yes, ofcourse you played against him.

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