6 thoughts on “Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley Stumps For Sen. Cory Gardner

  1. If you align yourself with tRump you cannot be trusted. Will you appreciate the tax cuts that will end in 2025 but continue for the super rich and corporations.

  2. This will never happen Trump is a white nationalist. Cory Gardner is the embodiment of evil and does not help Colorado in anyway I know, I am a citizen of Colorado for the last 40+ years. Vote Corey out in 2020!!!!
    Cory is pro fossil fuel corporation, anti-union, for loosing the EPA Regulations and pro guns. All from a man who has done little for the State of Colorado!!!! People are getting cancer at higher rates living by Fracking. We need affordable renewable Energy. Cory blocks these efforts and affordable Education. Good luck getting into college with Cory Gardner, Moscow Mitch, and the lap dog Lindsey Graham.
    Hunting for food is one thing, assault Rifles with clips holding large amounts of ammo is not what hunters use. Gardner excepted over $3 million dollars funneled from Russia. Does that sound like a Senator working for his Constituents?
    Vote Cory Gardner out in 2020 as well as his bought and paid for cohorts.
    He does not keep appointments to discuss these matters, it has been tried. Vote him OUT!!!! He hides and does not keep peaceful opposition meetings! Bye-bye Cory…….

  3. Anyone morally depraved enough to stump for nra whore and rump bootlicker cory gardner is no better than dirty donny rump. Thanks, nikki, for revealing you are no better than the other GunsOverPeople GimpsObeyingPutin!

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